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  1. geckoz

    geckoz New Member

    Hi all,
    I'm a bit uncertain which year levels are associated with these terms:
    1. Freshman (1st year college, this I know)
    ? Junior
    ? Sophomore
    ? Senior

  2. mamorse

    mamorse New Member

    Hi geckoz,

    1. Freshman (1st year)
    2. Sophomore (2nd year)
    3. Junior (3rd year)
    4. Senior (4th year and beyond until a bachelor's degree is obtained)

  3. John Bear

    John Bear Senior Member

    Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior

    I'd long been intrigued by the word "sophomore," since a high school teacher referred to it as 'the original oxymoron -- in one word: sophos = wise, moros = foolish."

    Now, from the excellent site, I learn there may be much more to it:

    "Sophomore was originally sophumer and it referred to `one taking part in dialectic exercises,' in the 16th century. It later came to mean `a student in his second year of study at university' (about 1653). It was formed from sophom, a variant of Middle English sophime `sophism.' The later version, sophomore (1688) was likely influenced by Greek sophós `wise' and morós `foolish, dull' (from which we get moron), the idea being that sophomores have acquired some knowledge but still have a great deal yet to learn."
  4. geckoz

    geckoz New Member

    Thanks to Mark and John for the explanation. I can now re-assess my potential credit standing at Excelsior using their CreditTracker.

    I can agree with the Sophomore definition from personal experience. A little learning can be a dangerous thing. Which is a somewhat expanded definition of sophomore.
  5. hworth

    hworth Member

    Another way to think about these determinations:

    Freshman (0-30 semester credits earned)
    Sophomore (31-60 semester credits earned)
    Junior (61-90 semester credits earned)
    Senior (91+ semester credits earned)


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