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    Although I have an almost palpable dread of "online" learning (paper rules!), I may well need to take one or more Internet based (ick!) courses from CCCOnline (http://www.ccconline.org). This means that I will need to select one of its affiliated colleges to be my "home" college. There are 13 available for me to chose from, based upon the courses I am interested in. Might anyone care to recommend or disparage <g> any of the member colleges? Which one offers the most obsequious customer service? Which has the fewest and least obstructive rules on non-matriculated students? Which is most flexible as far as prerequisites are concerned? Or, as socialist/state run institutions, do they all achieve the same level of meritocracy? <g>

    Thanks in advance,

    Richard Kanarek

    P.S. I'm assuming -- possibly incorrectly -- that the actual course is identical regardless of which institution I make my home.
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    Gosh! I had no idea that there was anything other than Community College of Denver involved. An why are those CC's from Missouri and Montana part of Community Colleges of Colorado Online? Did you really mean "meritocracy" or maybe "mediocracy"?
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    When I took courses from CCCOnline I used the Community College of Aurora as my home college. It was a very pleasant experience I had no problems at all with the college or their staff.

    I would suggest calling a few of them and checking to see how helpful/knowledgeable their admissions staff are.
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    Re: Re: Picking a "home" college from CCCOnline

    It has been a long time since I took courses with CCCOnline but if I recall correctly there was an articulation agreement with Northwest Missouri State University allowing someone who completed an AA or AAS at CCCOnline to complete a Bachelors degree online from Missouri.

    Montana is a new development since I was a student at CCC so I cannot comment on that.
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    Pikes Peak was pretty good to me.

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