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Discussion in 'Nursing and medical-related degrees' started by Jcan, Feb 15, 2004.

  1. Jcan

    Jcan New Member

    My wife is trying to find an online program for physical therapy. I have only been able to find master or above.

    Any suggestions of where to look?
  2. Jeremy

    Jeremy New Member

    Now entry into the proffesion is a masters degree, there are many degree completion program to upgrade credentials, but I do not know of any distance learning entry physical therapy programs to become a pt. If anyone knows of one please share.
  3. etech

    etech New Member

    just wondering what are the job prospects of pt and how much do they earn after graduation ?
  4. chris

    chris New Member

    Creighton has one...

    I believe, but very pricey.

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