Physical therapist- BS Kinesiology vs BS Exercise Science

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    What is the difference between a BS in Kinesiology vs a BS in Exercise Science if one’s ultimate goal is to become a Physical Therapist? Asking for a friend. Thanks in advance!
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    This varies greatly from school to school and you'd have to look at the specific programs of study, but here's my best shot. Exercise science is a very broad discipline that encompasses more specific disciplines such as motor learning, exercise physiology, biomechanics, sports nutrition, and yes, kinesiology. Kinesiology is a more specific discipline that looks at the science of human movement. I have no experience with physical therapy, but I'd imagine since it deals with reteaching humans how to move it more closely lines up with kinesiology that other exercise science disciplines.
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    You don't need a degree in either to get into a physical therapy program, just to get the prerequisites. (Disclaimer: there may be some schools that are exceptions, I'm just not personally aware of any.) So, there are two ideas that seem sensible to me.

    First, your friend could figure out which of the degrees lends itself better to filling the prerequisites, then take that degree.

    However, it may be possible to fill all the prerequisites with either degree, or any degree at all. That brings up the second idea.

    Your friend could get an undergrad degree in absolutely anything he or she wants. It could be either of the aforementioned, but it doesn't have to be. That lends itself to a lot of customization. Maybe something that's quite different than PT, but still looks good on a resume on its own, or in conjunction with PT. Human Services? Business? Healthcare Management? Legal Studies? Public Health? Foreign Language? Writing? Journalism? Education?

    A question worth considering would be: what else does your friend want to do in the field of PT? There's management, medical writing, nonprofit fundraising, public health, marketing, research, teaching and a whole lot more than I can probably name because I've only researched the field before (for a friend :cool:) but have no actual experience, myself.

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