Phinished -- I completed my PhD at NCU

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by BinkWile, May 22, 2007.

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    That's great news!

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  4. makana793

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    Out of curisosity does NCU allow students to pursue dual specializations?
  5. BryanOats

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    Yes. I am doing just that -- DBA in Public Admin. and Homeland Security.
  6. Vinipink

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    Congrats! Kudos! Good Job!
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    Congratulations for obtaining your doctorate.

    Now you are part of THE CLUB, Doctor!

    That course you'll be taking on how to get your work published sounds interesting. Could you provide the link?

    Again, you and your family can be proud of you and your great accomplishment. I salute you!
  8. Jigamafloo

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    Great job, Dr. Congratulations!

  9. makana793

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    Cool I think thats awesome, public administration and homeland security pretty much go hand in hand.
  10. BinkWile

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    Thank you so much!

    I'm not sure the link will work because it is attached to the learner webpage, but here is the description from the online catalog:

    RSH930P - Research Publication

    The Learner will prepare and submit a scholarly research article for publication to an academic journal. The content of the article will be based on the Learner’s approved dissertation.
    Learning Outcomes:

    Investigate appropriate research journals for submission of an article
    Choose specific topic
    Recognize standard formats for research reporting
    Utilize proper writing style and format that is acceptable to the research journal
    Submit a suitable article for publication to an appropriate research journal

    Course Concepts:


    Completion of the dissertation.

    Here's the link:
  11. StevenKing

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    Just for grins...

    can you scan and post what an NCU doctorate looks like.

    Just curious, black out personal info...of course.

    Steven King, MBA
    Probably enrolling in NCU EdD...
  12. PhD2B

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    This is what an NCU PhD diploma looks like...and no it's not mine.

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  13. BinkWile

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    Looks like I was beaten to the punch. Even still, I haven't yet recieved my diploma, as it takes about 6 weeks to get from the date of the defense.

    I have just finished the Dissertation copyright/publication paperwork with Proquest.

    Also, I was lucky enough to make it into Delta Mu Delta before the defense. So I will probably see that certificate before I see my PhD.
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  14. PhD2B

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    To my last post, I should have added: I wish it was my diploma. :)
  15. Vinipink

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    Nice! I don't know if some Universities are now printing their Diplomas, but the only complaint and if you see is the consistency in the lettering, you have a standard Diploma with calligraphy letters mix with other letters. But nice anyway!
  16. StevenKing

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    Does anyone know if NCU would allow a joint doctoral venture...say a hybrid between the EdD and DBA?
  17. StevenKing

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    Thanks so much...wasn't able to check discussion forums the last few days. But I appreciate you posting the diploma.

    Kind regards,
    Steven King, MBA
  18. sshuang

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    Hi vinipink,

    How do you like DBA in accounting at Argosy?
  19. Vinipink

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    It is a lot of hard work, but hey is doctorate degree and as one of my facilitator (AKA dictator) told me and I quote "not supposed to be easy--if it was easy, then everyone would have this degree and it wouldn't really have any value." end of quote. (unwelcome comment)

    They still need to sort out a lot stuff, not to happy that I cannot plan my classes and know who will be the facilitator they don't have a list due to they use adjunt faculty(Smelling like the Fire Bird University).

    I have complaint about their format, but besides this issues, still like the program, I am pretty sure once they sort out the problems, it will be better! (at least for me and I hope)
  20. StevenKing

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    How much is the DBA at Argosy?

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