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Discussion in 'Nursing and medical-related degrees' started by bo79, Oct 8, 2005.

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    I am trying to help a friend find a distance learning PhD program in Medical Science or Health Science. Anyone know of any?

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    Hi Bo79: Help me out here. How does this differ from an M.D. degree? Obviously, it does, but I'm unsure how. Thanks. Janko
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    Viriginia Commonwealth University has a brief residency Ph.D. in Health Sciences.
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    Hi Bo - There are a few others you could look at although some are non-US degrees and I know that some people are not attracted to them for various reasons. Even so, I've included them as it sometimes serves as a nice standard of comparison.

    Central Queensland U
    Charles Sturt U
    Deakin U
    South Bank U
    Touro U International
    U of St. Augustine for Health Sciences
    U of Technology, Sydney

    Uncle - If I might submit an answer to your question, a PhD in Health Science would allow someone to teach at the university level, to work in the upper levels of Administration in hospitals or other health care organizations or to work in certain positions within the government but it would NOT allow a person to practice medicine as an MD.
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    Walden actually calls one of their programs a Ph.D. in "Health Services," and it seems to be inter-disciplinary enough to attract both master-level nurses and clinicians as well as administration types. I met one person doing it, a public health official with a clinical background, who liked the self-paced schedule and despaired of the tuition bills! Good luck--
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    Did you decide?

    Hi - did you decide on a program? I am looking at PhD in Health Studies at UNISA; also looked at Charles Sturt U in Australia (Health Science).

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    Previous post

    I saw this University mentioned in a previous post with some question on the accreditation standards of St. Kitts and Nevis. Apparently, they now have physicians licensed in some U.S. States which adds credibility to the school.

    Ph.D. Health Science cost $4500

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