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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by meansgood, Feb 7, 2001.

  1. meansgood

    meansgood New Member

    Any distance learning of PHD in Software/Computer Engineering????Please advise.

  2. John Bear

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    I hope Larry McQueary will jump in on this, since he's the lead author on the forthcoming "Bears' Guide to the Best Computer Degrees by Distance Learning."

    Nonresident doctorates from schools with recognized accreditation just aren't happening yet in the US, with the lone exception of Touro in business. The subject index to the 14th ed. of Bears' Guide shows that the only one in software engineering is at the U of Melbourne. Noting with recognized accreditation in computer engineering. In CIS, again it is nearly all Australian: there is Central Queensland, Sturt, the Technikon of Southern Africa, Melbourne, Tasmania, and the U of Technology.

    John Bear
  3. Bill Highsmith

    Bill Highsmith New Member

    If you don't mind a few 2-week or 3-day weekend residencies, take a look at Nova Southeastern (

    Bill Highsmith

    RLSTALEY New Member

    You might look at New Jersey Institute of Technology's ( collaborative doctorate program. They have programs in Computer Science, Computer Engineering and other engineering disciplines. There are some residency requirements; however, not the full two-semseters required by most programs.

    If you want to build you own program, look at The Union Institute (

    Russell L. Staley
  5. Gerstl

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    Realize that Software Engineering and Computer Engineering are two very different fields. Computer engineering is a subfield of EE, and deals with designing computer hardware (chips etc). Software engineering deals with constructing software and can be a subset (or mix) of administration, process engineering, management, software development, traditional CS, etc.

    You probably should decide which one you are interested in. I would doubt you will find many Computer Engineering Ph.D. programs by distance, but I could see designing a Software Engineering one without too much trouble.


    (whose Ph.D. is in Computer Science, is not impressed with what passes for "Software Engineering" in many schools, and might go get a management degree at some point)

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