PhD in Finance via Distance Learning?

Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by TEKMAN, Feb 20, 2019.

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    Not exactly what you are looking for, but maybe a consideration.

    I’ve had my eye on the PhD in Global Management from the Indiana Institute of Technology for some time. I really like the optics of this program, in other words, I think it would look good on a resume. I also assume that it would enable one to teach and everything else that comes along with being a PhD. Indiana Tech, not being a top tier institution, looks to be a decent school. Any thoughts on this program?
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    The DBA is fine if you are only interested in adjunct work. The problem is that DBA is quickly becoming a soft version of the PhD, some schools offer it in accelerated format and with lite course work. However, some schools are also offering executive PhDs that are really DBAs. The general perception is that a DBA is less than a PhD.
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    It's generally a true statement you make, but it depends on the DBA program. Some, such as La Tech's DBA in Accountancy (not DL), are essentially a PhD, as they're heavy on the academic research, and are treated as such. . The University of Florida-Warrington is a great school and I can't imagine a DBA from there would harm you on the academic job market significantly. Others are more practitioner-based, light on quantitative research, and thus would probably confine people to adjunct work, at least at larger universities (though there are plenty of small colleges where a DBA that's more on the practitioner side seems to work just fine). Here's Anthony Pina's academic article on this:
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    Reputation of the school is more important that the designation of the degree. The issue is similar to the difference between MS and the MBA, some argue that the MS is more prestigious but in practice both are masters. However, there is a tendency to offer many fast track DBA programs by business schools so I have learned from few people that are finding difficulties getting tenure track jobs because the designation. The impression of some schools in my opinion is that people with DBAs are doing less work (many 3 year part time programs) and might not be as strong as those doing 4 to 5 year full time programs.
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    I believe this program is in Global Leadership. This is a "one size fits all" program with no specialization. It works for those with a specialized Masters and those not so interested in a full time academic career and in need of the PhD tag for professional advancement, adjunct work or teaching at a small university. It lacks AACSB accreditation and specialization. On the other hand, it is "user friendly" so it can be completed with a soft subject such as leadership.
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    Thanks for linking to the article. Actually we did three studies, each of which was published in a peer-reviewed journal. The first found no significant difference between Ph.D. and DBA program curricula and requirements. The second found that the DBA is a viable credential for business faculty and the third found that DBA dissertations were no more "applied" than Ph.D. dissertations. So the sum total is that, on average, Ph.D. and DBA dissertations in management and general business are far more alike than they are different. Now, as some have rightly observed, individual programs at different colleges and universities will vary.
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    I am so glad Liberty is good enough for me.
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    Nice to see you back, Tony.

    I remember reading this article a few years ago and found the research impeccable. However, it is now going on four years later, and during that four years it appears that we have seen increasing testimony to the effect that the MBA has become the new BSBA, and that the DBA is becoming the new MBA. It's the same phenomenon we've seen with the Ed.D. in Leadership becoming the all-purpose, one-size-fits-everybody "doctorate du jour." And obviously, what we'll end up with is a DBA glut.

    The question then, is whether the comparison between doctorates as being equal will continue, or whether the DBA will ultimately become a joke for people who merely want a title.

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