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  1. scubasteveiu

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    Quick question... ok, maybe not so quick.

    I will soon finish my MSNS and may also continue on to my MSCS. At some juncture I want to pursue my PhD in CS / CIS (Something Technical). I had originally thought about a business related PhD, but my heart is in technology.
    I would like to teach one day, but only at a smaller school or community college (my underlying purpose is more of more of a personal nature than anything else).

    I have been looking at Nova PhD CS / CIS and I really like what I see. It will be around 15K out of pocket, plus travel, etc. I do *not* mind residency. I have way too much vacation as it is, I need a reason to use it! : )
    Indiana State has a nice program, but it is full of hoops. Great program, lots of hoops = not as attractive.

    So - I ask you this. Do you know any of any programs that are similar to Nova?
    I would consider NCU or TUI (Business track), but I almost like some residency. I receive $5250 a year for school and would rather not spend over $5k a year beyond that amount (so roughly 15K out of pocket).

  2. JoAnnP38

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    Colorado Tech University offers a Doctor of Computer Science degree that uses several short research projects/papers instead of the typical dissertation.

    Pace University offers a Doctor of Professional Studies in Computing that requires a disseration.

    I believe that both options above are more expensive and have less utility than a PhD from NSU. So, my choice would be Nova; however, you did ask for options.
  3. DTechBA

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    Interested in South Africa?

    During my research for a doctorate, I corresponded with a gentleman at Technikon South Africa that would have worked with me if I had decided to pursue studies in computer science. He is now at UNISA and he recently emailed me that they offering a PhD. Unlike what seems to be the norm at UNISA, he responds very quickly to email correspondence. If you are interested in going the SA route I could provide his email address.
  4. JoAnnP38

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    Re: Interested in South Africa?

    I am interested, but I won't be looking for a PhD program for several more years. For someone who has looked into UNISA, can you give some hints about where the pertinent portions of their web site are and the major contact points? The last time I tried to look for information on UNISA, I quickly became frustrated trying to find anything.

  5. JoAnnP38

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    Never mind. I went back to UNISA's web site and found everthing just fine. Funny, the last time I was there (a year ago or so) I don't remember finding what I needed. Perhaps their site has undergone some design changes? Or perhaps I'm just better at navigating university web sites today than I was back then.

    If anyone is interested you can read the department's graduate brochure at:
  6. DTechBA

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    Redesigned last month

    They redesigned their site last month. I have an email for one of the prof's in the cis department who said they have a PhD in Computer Science....
  7. muhammad_alhor

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    If you are interested in SA, then I think the University of Pretoria is the best. I have just completed my PhD in Computer Science in less than 4 years. Thanks God. They are excellent!
  8. scubasteveiu

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    Thank you for your feedback, I truly appreciate it. The more I look at Nova, the more I like it.

    I think the trick might be to get to know your classmates well enough to share a rental car and lodge at the same location. Depending on the program, you either go down two or four times a year.

    Another thing I might look into is writing up a proposal to my management, hopefully to garner more "sponsorship" within my company (large fortune financial 100). Maybe I could get more of the education expenses paid over and above the $5250.00.

    Looking at the Dissertation list is pretty exciting as well...

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