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    Hi, I'm Nik Zainin. I'm new. Looking for a University in US that can accept me with a soon-to-be- completed Ph.D thesis because I've run out-of-semesters with my current university in Malaysia. Due to very tight work-commitments, I wasn't able to submit my thesis within the stipulated time allowed. I did full coursework with CGPA of 3.819. My highest academic qualification is MBA from University of Aston-in-Birmingham, UK. I currently design & conduct corporate training courses using the experiential management-development-outdoors approach for the past 18 yrs. I'm 66 yrs old; went on premature retirement from the Army in the rank of full Colonel. Would appreciate any assistance to complete my journey for the quest above.
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    What you want is called "PhD by publication". I believe there are zero U.S. universities that typically handle this situation, as American doctoral programs are also coursework intensive.

    You might look at British schools. The University of Stirling in Scotland has a PhD by publication program open to all prospective students.

    Good luck,

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    Thanks Steve. I'll get to Stirling soon. Sorry for this late response. Didn't access this site till last night. Good luck in your endeavours. Enjoy...Regards. Nik

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