Ph.D. in Global Leadership (Full Tuition Assistantship)

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    Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College is offering an immersive virtual Ph.D. in Global Leadership. It offers online coursework with residencies and study abroad.

    Interestingly, the program has two assistantships. "The application process is competitive for the two positions that are available. Each Pomeroy Graduate Assistant will receive full tuition benefits and the doctoral student professional development funds will be increased from $2,500 to $5,000 (total)."

    Must be enrolled full-time to apply for the assistantship

    "The hours worked and position benefits can vary up to 20 hours per week depending upon the Ph.D. in Global Leadership program director selection and needs. Applicants can designate if they have a stronger interest in the research focused, teaching focused or either position. Domestic and international students are eligible to apply."
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    Wow that's interesting! Not sure with a current full time position that I would be good for this though.
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    Do applicants generally know at the time they are offered admission if they have received one of these assistantships, or is it the sort of thing where you'd have to be set on attending and then it would be a sweetener to find out you'd been selected for the assistantship? The latter is similar to NCU's doctoral scholarships, of which they offer 5 or 10 a year, but only students who have accepted offers are eligible for consideration (which of course means those who only intended to stay if they get the scholarship effectively pay for the rest.)
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    I'm pretty sure these assistantships are not similar to NCU's shady scholarship practice. These seem to be traditional assistantships, which tend to be offered prior to starting the program.
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    Yeah a few years back I applied to NCU for one of their PhD programs because of the full scholarship which I did do an essay for but I figured out later that you won't find out until after you are accepted into one of their programs and pay for one class which means you have to pay before they grant you a scholarship which they reimburse you. I actually enrolled and then dropped out before the first day of class. They have contacted me over the years asking me am I still considering NCU.
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    Thank you for sharing. Funding is rare in this format - thus it is an interesting prospect. Good luck to those applying!
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