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Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Guest, Dec 5, 2004.

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    In an effort to help alleviate the pain and trauma that creates the pseudo mental illness PEST (Post Election Selection Trauma) and, to help control it, I offer this site.

    Just doing my part as a "compassionate moderate."
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    Why Jimmy?

    Just when some were acclimating to the inevitable, i.e., Four More Years of the Bush Administration, you feel compelled to agitate the left. Why? :D :D :D
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    But, dearest Russell, this is not for those who have decided to acclimate to the "inevitable," it's for those who refuse to and are filling up the counselors' offices.

    And, I am not trying to agitate the left, I am trying to help them via the site.

    Finally, for all the others, it's simply my nature to agitate and annoy as well as being a gadfly and provocateur. It helps get people out of their comfort zones. If we're comfortable, we're useless.:D ;) :D
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    Thank you for that wonderful site. You always know how to make an old Roosevelt Democrat happy. I will tell you this from a historian's point of view. The pedulum swings both ways. What may be envogue now, maybe out of style later. I enoy both the Democrats and the Republicans...especially when they debate without name calling. That is when it is most enjoyable. By the way..Jimmy, my professor Dr HW Brands at A&M will be on the History Channel tonight when the special about Benjamin Franklin comes on. I loved every minute of his lectures and you can get just a taste of it tonight...:)
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    My point exactly! While those who refuse to acknowledge four more years, the fact remains, it is inevitable. GWB has four more years, and the mere mention of the recent epidemic of PEST is an agitation to those who wish otherwise................:cool:
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    Thanks for contributing to my agitation again! :D
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    Now if only I could get you to be a Bobby Kennedy Democrat!

    I plan on watching the Franklin piece. I have seen it advertised. If it's based on historical writings I hope it's not a redaction.

    I get so tired of PC revisionist history!
  8. Tireman4

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    I had to defend Roosevelt in front of Dr Brands and boy was I sweating. It was great though. A young buck like me.....quoting theories and such. Man, I know I lost some pounds. It was grat though. I remember saying...."It is good to have a president as a cheerleader. What would it hurt? I mean, the country didnt have much else. He actually smiled and said sure. I was so greatful I won a point. It was like my Super Bowl. But I have to say....I will be a Roosevelt Democrat for a long long time, but you can keep trying....:) Email me soon at my personal address. Have a great holiday.
  9. nosborne48

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    By its title, I thought this thread was about Rep. Tom Delay!
  10. grgrwll

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    And if only I could get you to be a Barry Goldwater Republican!
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    Very funny, ha! ha!

    Never like AuH2o. Interesting that readers of the Ripon Society's Ripon Forum, a number of years ago, listed AuH2o as the most outstanding Republican in our nation's history, or something like that.

    Considering the Ripon Society is a moderate GOP group, I thought "Pops" was a strange choice. I voted for Nelson Rockefeller.
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    Delay is an embarrassment to the GOP. If we could get rid of him and the Rad Lib Nancy Pelosi, the Congress would be much better off!
  13. nosborne48

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    Perhaps, though his friends decided to protect him in the event of an indictment...makes me wonder what THEY really think of him!

    But I was referring to his exterminator business in Corpus Christi!
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    Oh my, what an error I made. I voted for Teddy Roosevelt.

    I am reading Public Papers of Nelson A. Rockefeller so I guess I had Rockefeller on my mind when I wrote this.
  15. grgrwll

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    Teddy was great, but I think there is absolutely no question about who is the greatest Republican in history -- and the greatest President.

    I guess that preserving the Union and ending slavery are just not that popular with Republicans these days.
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    I think you need to study history. The Radical Republicans were more responsible for ending slavery than Lincoln who, on many ocassions, spoke out of both sides of his mouth on the issue and advocated sending slaves back to Africa.

    Read Abraham Lincoln's Changing Views on Slavery, edited by Robert B. Bruce.

    Lincoln was more concerned about preserving the Union than in ending slavery. The fear was that had the Union not been preserved, the North would have been a haven for escaped slaves.
  17. grgrwll

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    Actually, I have read it, you condescending ass.

    Lincoln was, above all, a pragmatist. He was never an abolitionest crusader. But the fact is that his administration brought about the end of slavery. A fact that many Republicans are obviously upset about to this day.

    Gee, did it ever occur to you that maybe that is why I listed preserving the Union first among Lincoln's accomplishments?

    Do you really think that is the main reason why Lincoln wanted to preserve the Union? Yes, it was a concern, but your statement is like saying that the reason Bush wanted to invade Iraq is because Saddam tried to kill his daddy.

    Oh, wait, maybe you're right.
  18. gkillion

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    Exactly how many and which ones?
  19. DTechBA

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    Lincoln was a pragmatist...

    Some confused that with him being not necessarily against slavery. That was not true, he stated often that he believed slavery was evil and it could not endure. However, he was not for splitting the union to make it go away as he felt that forcefully abolishing it would result in great strife (he was correct) and that it would ultimately die on its own evils. However, he supported the 13th Amendment and called for blacks to have the right to vote in one of his last speeches.

    Many at the time advocated for blacks to go back to Africa. Some for reasons of their own but many assumed that that is what the ex-slaves themselves would want to do. They neglected to consider that someone born and raised in the USA may now consider themselves Americans of African descent rather than Africans.

    The Lincoln home site actually has a pretty good listing of his speeches on the subject.
  20. grgrwll

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    John C. Abrahams
    Fiona Addison
    Ted Affleck, Sr.
    Ted Affleck, Jr.
    Ted Affleck III
    Sam Aili

    What a ridiculous question.

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