Pending Free Online Courses for Veterans - Delaware Residents Only

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    "Legislation would provide free online college courses for returning veterans"

    "DOVER – Delaware military members returning home after serving on active duty would have the opportunity to take online college courses for free under legislation announced on Thursday.

    Rep. Debra J. Heffernan has drafted legislation that she will file next week that would exempt veterans who have served on active duty from having to pay tuition for online courses offered by Delaware’s three state colleges – University of Delaware, Delaware State University and Delaware Technical & Community College.
    “Our military members put their lives at risk to serve our state and our country, protecting our way of life,” said Rep. Heffernan, D-Brandywine Hundred South. “This is one way to show our gratitude. With this legislation, we’re giving our soldiers returning home a leg up on starting or continuing their education so they can begin their post-military careers. I strongly believe that providing our military members this opportunity is an important step in welcoming our soldiers back home.”

    Under the proposal, the veteran must be a resident of Delaware for at least one year and must have served on active duty in the armed forces for at least 90 days consecutively and been honorably discharged. If a military member had a service-connected disability, they would not need to meet the 90-day requirement. A veteran must take advantage of the free online courses must within five years of their discharge and is not eligible for the program if they are receiving federal educational benefits based on their service.

    Rep. Heffernan’s proposal has the support of military and veterans leaders, including Maj. Gen. Francis D. Vavala, adjutant general for the Delaware National Guard.

    “Any time we can assist our troops in furthering their education it is greatly appreciated,” Maj. Gen. Vavala said. “With our high operations tempo, online education has become increasingly important and often the only venue available for our unique profession. This effort is just another example of the mutual respect and admiration between the Delaware National Guard and our state legislators.”

    Delaware Commission of Veterans Affairs director Tony Davilla applauded the bill because it would secure educational benefits for Delaware veterans.

    “The bill addresses eligibility and access for those veterans that would otherwise not have the ability to attend classes on a daily basis at a traditional two- or four-year educational institution,” Mr. Davilla said. “The bill especially opens doors to those single-parent veterans who have the responsibility of nurturing their families as well as securing a future that enhances the wellbeing of the individual, state and nation.”'

    URL: Legislation would provide free online college courses for returning veterans - Newark Post: News
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    This is good news. My Iraq vet DE National Guard buddy has told me he's eligible for tuition waivers at UD, DelState, and DelTech already, but maybe this doesn't currently include DL. In any case, the sad part about this is that these schools don't really offer a wide selection of DL programs. I wish they'd step it up a bit.

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