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Discussion in 'Political Discussions' started by Abner, Nov 11, 2005.

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    Pat Robertson is the disaster. Will this guy, along with Jerry "Fartwell" and others, ever shut up. Not all religious leaders are like him.

    I believe that John Paul II, Ruth Carter-Stapleton and Rev. Billy Graham are the perfect examples of how religious leaders should behave.

    But every time these guys make comments like this, they just make it harder to be a Christian. I don't know, maybe he buys his own hype.

    Thanks for the link.
  3. Mr. Engineer

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    Well said Miguel - and I agree that there are examples of Christians who live what they preach, and there are examples of Christians who are merely demagogues. The demagogues usually end up becoming inconsequential due to their narrow minded stupidity.

    Speak of which, The Faux News Network's primary POS Bill "made up background" O'Reilly is quite a piece. Anyone that would wish an attack on someone else because of their political views is just plain stupid. Much like Falwell, Robertson, Limbaugh, and Jackson, he had rendered himself inconsequential.
  4. Abner

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    Good points Miguel and Mr. Engineer, I agree 100%

    Have a good one!!

    Abner :)
  5. nosborne48

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    Now wait a minute. The good Reverend has done a great deal for my personal faith. He makes me hope that there really IS a Hell.
  6. Abner

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    :) :)
  7. BDev

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    I don't necessarily agree with everything Pat says (not by a long shot). What bothers me about him is not so much what he says but the fact that in a few days (after there's a backlash), he'll apologize for it. I'd rather he stick to his guns because then we'd truly know where he stands.
  8. I like the statement on feminism though... Old Pat must have had one helluva time with some feisty woman lately to have called all that hellfire on her.....
  9. Jake_A

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    PatR says "You are all going to hell!"

    Yes, there is a hell, and "PatRobs" is sending you to it. However, check out my good friend Rodney Coates' answer to "PatRobs" and his ilk:

    "Only a god of mediocrity condemns those who exercises free choice,

    "only a god of mendacity rejects those whose crimes are honest

    "only a god of paucity acknowledges the prayers of the minimalist,
    deceit, and ego.

    "Only a god of nothingness holds only one way to salvation. Only a god of hatred looks toward pettiness to make its temple, and

    "only a god of simplicity hears the claims of the morally bankrupt as they attempt to whip others into line.

    "only a god of pain and suffering, uses fear to keep its subjects in

    "only a god of no power, utilizes threats to prevent its congregants from thinking for self, and

    "a god that lacks love, utilizes anger to keep its people in bondage.

    "such a god, and its believers will go to hell, for hell is what is being worshiped, and hell is what you get.

    Yes! What he (Rodney Coates) said!

    Not what he ("PatRobs") said!

  10. Kit

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    In his case it's quite likely safe to believe that where he stands matches his original statements. He has a peculiar pattern with "apologies". He will first flatly deny that he ever said what he clearly did say. This is followed by television news organizations playing video clips to prove that he did in fact say the very thing(s) that are being called into question. He will then offer an "apology" so watered down with rationalizations and qualifications that the end result hardly resembles any sort of real apology at all. He then waits, and follows all that with a statement that is a sanitized version of the original controversial statement.

    Now a cynic (moi? ;)) would tell you that all the above is a calculated move by Robertson. It assures that he will regularly get mainstream press coverage from time to time, and by following his peculiar pattern of denial-
    -non-apology-sanitized-restatement he assures that said coverage will continue far longer than anyone ought really care. It's the same modus operandi often found in spoiled children. Both they and Pat Robertson act on the notion that even negative attention is far better than no attention at all.


    P.S. to Jake_A: Excellent analysis by Rodney Coates! Thanks for posting it.

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