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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by John Spies, Nov 9, 2002.

  1. John Spies

    John Spies Member

    Hello again,
    I have received their info re: MBA in Hospitality and have a two-part question. Am I to understand that one can skip the first years studies providing a bachelors degree and several years experience have been attained? If this is the case, will it also eliminate the tuition of that year?
    I have emailed them, but thought I would ask here to perhaps get a faster response from someone familiar with the program.
  2. John Roberts

    John Roberts New Member

    John, I checked with them and it seems since they have this Step 1,2 & 3 they do this inc ase people only want to fulfill part of the whole degree process, as in Certificate, diploma, degree.

    If you enter at stage 2, you should in my mind pay stage 2 & 3 fees.

    Now back to your choice of Msters, did you actually apply to anywhere yet?

    You where also looking at Middlesex masters in professional studies (did you hear back from the woman Doncaster)?

    Where are you going with your decision for the Masters, is it an MBA like you first thought, or is it any Masters, MA, MSc?

    Good luck with that final exam that you took the other day, I'm certain you will whiz it.


  3. John Spies

    John Spies Member

    John, thanks for your continued encouragement. I have not applied anywhere yet. Explanation follows:
    1. I have sent backup materials to OB for consideration re: year 1 exemption, awaiting reply.
    2. Have not heard from Middlesex but I think that I may not be interested because I think the degree is very general.
    3. Still contemplating enrollment with UniSA as the degree would be similar with OB, but only takes 1 year and has the Cordon Bleu connection. Only hangup is that it is expensive at $11K.
    4. Looking at George Washington Univ. Masters in Tourism Admin. at $18K, quite expensive, but hey, it's GW! Downside is that it is not exactly the degree I want and I probably will have to take the GMAT or GRE, so this is almost ruled out. In addition, I don't think I will have my degree from Excelsior in time.
    5. Heriot-Watt is still the best choice if I wanted strictly an MBA. The structure, price, etc. is perfect for me.

    Lastly, I did not pass my last test after all. So, I will study (more diligently) and take the Algebra or Stats test. George Brown at UniSA was kind enough to grant me admission providing I got my BS degree later, so Grad school enrollment in January is still possible.

    Sorry for the length, but that is the situation. I have looked at U. of Wisconsin-Stout (too expensive), U. of Houston (still not ruled out, but really wanted the MBA aspect) and several others. If there are any other suggestions out there, I would be glad to hear them!!
    thanks again everyone!

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