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    ...for ACCA students. Includes Research Methods module and a dissertation (or "Advanced Accounting and Finance Project"):


    Fees are £2,150.

    Let's see. To reach this degree:

    - ACCA student registration £79
    - Papers F1-F9 9*£105
    - Papers P1-P3 3*£132
    - ACCA annual subscription £95
    - Oxford Brookes OBU submission fee £300
    - Oxford Brookes mentor fee £500 (ballbark; registered mentors are indepemdent)
    - Oxford Brookes MSc £2,150
    Total £4,386

    ...you get BSc(Hons) AND MSc in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes. This translates to just under $5800 for both. Might be slightly more if the local provider who administers F1 to F3 via CBT is price gouging (as happened in Toronto).

    Of course, usual caveats apply. This combination may not get you eligible to sit for CPA exams in your state. ACCA exams are quite tough. Also, personally I still lean toward University of London MSc, as it is both more substantial and has better name recognition. Still, you gotta love British universities, schools that do exam-based degrees better than Big 3.

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