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    Of possible interest for those on a tight budget (all DL students? ;-) I share the following.

    On the verge of ordering the Excelsior 'kit' for the RCE 434 English Comp exam, I looked at the list of books provided and, out of idle curiosity, plugged the various ISBN's into Amazon.com's site. The 'new' prices were similar, but in a few cases I found used books for sale (by private Amazon sellers) at a quite substantial savings (35-80%).

    My interest piqued, I delved into eBay and found a used hardcover book (part of the RCE 434 study package) at 60% off the going new price.

    All said and done, I managed to duplicate the RCE package, minus a $16 Internet reference guide (I think I can reference myself on the Internet ;-), at about 35% off the retail price (a $59 savings, including the $16 guide I elected to not purchase). All the second-hand books carry the same ISBN as the retail package, with the exception of one that is an earlier edition.

    Flush with saved money in my pocket, I duplicated the RCE 506 Anatomy & Physiology package at a 70% savings ($128) by digging around on eBay and the used Amazon sellers. This more dramatic savings reflects and includes my choice to forego a $38 "Video Tutor" item.

    The price totals on each of these second hand packages include purchasing the Excelsior expanded course guides at $25 and $16, respectively (plus one $23.50 RCE English Comp book I could not find elsewhere).

    The conclusion: Even if you want to stay with the Excelsior-recommended package for the RCE's, a bit of judicious online shopping for used materials can save a lot of money.
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    Absolutely. I've been doing the same for my exams in HR, Business Strategy/Policy, Operations Mangaement, etc. I'm not sure that I'll ever buy a book from Excelsior (I believe that actually use MBS books anyway).

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