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    The University of Toronto is one of the world's top educational institutions. The Orthodox School of Theology offers a Master of Theological Studies and an MDiv. I believe there are no residency requirements for either. If I read correctly, each course is $700 dollars (not sure if that is Canadian residents or applies to everyone).

    Site says no residency for the MTS and the Men in Black blog page says 100% online. If so, that is pretty decent for a degree from the University of Toronto.

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    Interesting that a religious college is part of a public university.
  3. Garp

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    Not uncommon in Canada from what I have seen. Often the degree they get is from the University. University students can register for their classes interchangeably (eg a Sociology class). You can choose to register through a particular college (eg a Catholic College) as an undergraduate.
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    $700/course for Canadians and permanent residents of Canada, but about $2,100 per course for non-Canadians. They say, "Bursaries are available, but only up to 85% of the domestic tuition fees, so other external financial support would need to be found by the student." And that's assuming you get a bursary.

    The other downside of the University of Toronto theology programs is that they're run through the Toronto School of Theology, which isn't recognized for financial aid purposes by the U.S. Dept. of Education of Education, so you can't get U.S. student loans.
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    Not unusual at all. I used to belong to Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Canada, and their seminary (St. Andrew's College) is part of University of Manitoba.
    Part of it is how private higher ed is still not fully mainstream in Canada. In Ontario, there are some small bible colleges, but religious universities and university colleges that are both independent and fully recognized are relatively new phenomenon. Tyndale, Redeemer, and I think that's it.
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    The MTS degree from Wycliffe College, a respected Anglican college attached to University of Toronto/Toronto School of Theology, also is available through distance learning. Tuition for Canadian citizens and permanent residents is $602 per course.
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    And sticking with the theme of this forum, does that Ukrainian Orthodox seminary offer distance learning courses?

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