Organ death could be reversible, as scientists bring dead eyes back to life

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    "Dead eyes from organ donors have been “brought back to life” in a breakthrough which hints that brain death may be reversible.

    Scientists in the US proved that photosensitive neuron cells in the retina can still respond to light and communicate with each other up to five hours after death, sending signals “resembling those recorded from living subjects”."
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    This puts into perspective what we really should be fighting for. Our species needs to stop the tragic infighting and pool as much of our intellectual and monetary resources as possible into medical science. If they can reverse brain death, they can permanently lessen the cumulative sting of human grief. Millions more people per year could have their lives prolonged until old age, and their loved ones will get to enjoy their company for decades longer.

    What are we waiting for?! peace? Always a catch :mad:

    I might be nothing but a brain-in-a-jar by the time it happens, but I really want to live long enough see the day that it does.
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