Oregon State offers alternative route to B.S. in CS

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  1. Balios

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    Oregon State has an interesting new distance option for a B.S. in Computer Science -- Computer Science -- Undergraduate Degrees Online -- Online & Distance Degrees -- Oregon State University -- Extended Campus -- Ecampus

    The program is only available to people who have an existing bachelor's degree from an accredited school, but the first degree can be in a completely unrelated field. Because it's a second bachelor's degree program, OSU waives all non-CS courses, requiring a total of 60 quarter-hours of computer science classes (and no electives, gen-ed courses etc.)

    This could work well in conjunction with a degree from one of the big three, essentially allowing you to test out of all your non-CS courses at OSU while getting two undergraduate degrees.

    OSU's CS degree is also accredited by ABET per the ABET site -- Accredited Programs details, though someone with a better understanding of accreditation will need to explain how (and if) this applies to the new online degree.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Wow! It is really affordable, $248/credit. I wish they offered many years ago, so I did not have to attend Troy University. Good find!
  3. BlueMason

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    I had not entertained a 2nd undergrad until this one... very intruiging... great find and thanks for posting!
  4. atrox79

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    Looks super sweet to me. And at that price, it's unbeatable. I did something similar at Regis (2nd BS, 60 +/- units), but it cost me twice as much. I certainly would have gone to Oregon State had I known!
  5. msganti

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    Am I doing my math correctly?

    Oregon => 60 credits X 248/credit = $14,880 for the second BSCS degree

    WGU => ~$3000 for 6 months X 2 (assuming you finish in 12 months) = $6,000 for the BSIT degree + bonus certifications

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    You are correct about the math. But you forget the reputation of the school and value of Computer Science over Information Technology. Why would people want to spend 3 years in hell and $160K at Harvard Business School for MBA vs. 2 Years and $10,000.00 at Jacksonville State University's MBA? They are both MBA and AACSB accredited program? Simply reputation!
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  7. japhy4529

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    Another excellent point from TEKMAN (dude - you're on a roll today!). There is no comparison when considering the reputation of OSU vs. WGU (not to mention that the OSU degree is pure CS).

    This program looks awesome! I've often considered the 2nd BS in IT offered by UMass. It's nice to see another option (and in CS to boot!).
  8. msganti

    msganti Active Member

    Reputation - yes...I definitely agree. Thanks for the pointer TEKMAN!!!
  9. lawrenceq

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    This is a good find.

    I'm more into web development and was wondering if this program would be useful? I'm not trying to get a job in IT, but I like the idea of having a computer science degree from Oregon State. My original major out of high school was computer science and I'm currently looking at some IT programs to keep me busy. I’m all ready to knock out a certificate through FHSU, but I will go this route if it meets my needs. The UMASS progam is also interesting to me.
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  10. Balios

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    It depends on what you want to do with the degree. If you do eventually decide to go into IT, a B.S. in Computer Science from OSU will look MUCH better on your resume than a certificate from FHSU.

    Since your interest is primarily web development, you might also take a look at the Web Technologies Certificate from HES -- Web Development Courses | Web Development Certificate. You can complete it entirely online, and all the courses can be applied to a Masters from HES if you decide to keep going after you complete the certificate.
  11. lawrenceq

    lawrenceq Member

    My plan was to just take some IT classes, but the 2nd bachelors programs at UMASS Lowell and Oregon State having me thinking hard. I can get an IT or CS degree while I’m doing something I planned on doing anyway.
  12. ruthevans41

    ruthevans41 New Member

    Nice comparison of the course fees and college reputation TEKMAN. You gave the best answer for the math calculation done by msganti.
  13. BlueMason

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    ..just to add to this thread: OSU requires a calculus course as a pre-req for this degree ( Math 111 or better; a Math 110 (College Algebra) won't suffice).
  14. ITJD

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    Except you won't finish in 12 months. I transferred in all of my certifications and a significant amount of gen ed credits and it still took 2 years due to scheduling, life and capstone. Total cost approximately 14k and it's still not a CS degree, it's IT. There is a difference.
  15. sukotto123

    sukotto123 New Member

    Anyone start the OSU program?

    I almost regret finding this thread. I'm halfway through my first year with Regis' Online CS degree. I love it. I think it is really challenging, and overall the courses seem to make a really well rounded degree.

    But... I live abroad and am dying to get a degree in CS, get a job in the US, and move home. OSU looks like it has far fewer requirements.

    I'm worried about OSU's lack of math requirements and elective options, but I can definitely complete the degree in shorter time -- approximately 1 year shorter, it seems.

    Has anyone had any experience with either school and is willing to share some advice?
  16. mattk

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    I see on the ABET web site that OSU's regular BS in Computer Science is ABET-accredited. Does anyone know if the same is true of the online version? The curriculum doesn't look quite like other ABET-accredited curriculums I've seen, but I don't really know what their criteria are.
  17. swarehouse

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  18. Thorvald

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    Where are you folks getting $284 per credit?
    The tuition and fees page at Tuition & Fees -- Computer Science -- Undergraduate Degrees Online -- Oregon State University -- Extended Campus -- Ecampus
    Post-baccalaureate students

    OSU tuition $555/credit
    Distance education fee $75/credit
    TOTAL $630/credit

  19. GeneralSnus

    GeneralSnus Member

    The ecampus tuition for other online OSU programs is $248 per credit:


    The CS program has its own higher rate.
  20. Thorvald

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