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  1. andyhutch

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    I’ve been accepted for the DBA at the International School of Management (www.ism.edu). It is based in Paris, has ACBSP and IACBE accreditation, is about to enter initial accreditation stage with the AACSB and will eventually also have EQUIS. It does not have RA, DETC, UK Royal Charter or the French equivalents, is this OK?

  2. adelheid

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    "ISM New York at St John’s University

    ISM Tokyo at Temple University Japan "]

    Are they studying WITH these universities, or only AT these, using their facilities which are rented out during semester-breaks? BIG difference! .. "at" would iply the latter. Anybody can rent university facilities during semester breaks, and this is probably misleading prospective students.

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  3. andyhutch

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    from the web site - 'study in conjunction with St John’s University'

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