opinions: 2nd M.Sc. or MBA?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by adireynolds, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. philosophy

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    Personally, I would think that the MBA.
  2. adireynolds

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    Dr Dave and philosophy,

    Let me clarify my decision a bit here. I would agree that the MBA, in terms of its breadth of concentration, employer recognition, etc, is, generally, more valuable than the MSc (particularly in terms of U.S. employers, where I think -- purely personal opinion here -- an MSc in a biz subject is far less common). However, the choice for me between the MSc and MBA strongly rested on if I only had to do 1-2 classes either way.

    However, my choice has turned out to be 2 classes to wrap up the MSc, or 5-6 for the MBA, so now I feel the choice is moot. I already completed 3/4ths of a brick and mortar MBA at UT San Antonio, and have also spent the better part of two years in a Ph.D. program in Org & Mgt. I am already gainfully employed in a good HR position. Therefore, what I'm looking to do here is wrap up, as quickly as possible, some biz degree at the master's level, and be done with academics for awhile (that is more explained in my above posts). The same time invested it would take for me to do 5-6 MBA classes would easily carry me into mid-dissertation phase for my Ph.D. -- if I were going to continue on for that long, I might as well finish the doc, and I'm not interested in doing that.

    I hope this helps clarify why I've made the decision for the MSc.

  3. Dr Dave

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    If the main consideration and driver in decision making is expediency, then the MS is definitely your better option.
  4. uncle janko

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    Hi Adrienne:

    I kinda showed up late for this, but I've been battling a troll. I know very little about the fields you're working in, but to me as an ignorant layman in those fields the M.Sc. just sounds more impressive than the gazillionth MBA. (This is NOT a shot at the calibre of MBA programmes, it's just the ol' nomenclature kook at it again.)

    What's really important is your grappling with what you really want and letting loose of what someone else really might want. That shows the toughmindedness and, yes, academic maturity that come from the possession of character, not from the possession of this or that degree.

    The mad priest is honoured to post on the same board as you.

  5. adireynolds

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    Uncle Janko,

    If there's any honor, it is mine! Thanks so much for the support and kind words.


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