Opinion of Keller? I'm thinking of doing their MAFM/CFA track. Anyone w/experience?

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    Does anyone have any experience with Keller Graduate School of Management (Keller.edu)? I am thinking of doing their Master of Accounting and Financial Management program. I liked their curriculum and the CFA track they offer.

    How is it perceived in the marketplace?

    Did you have a good experience (positive) at Keller?

    I've seen only a few posts and those were several years ago so any opinion would be appreciated.

  2. Vinipink

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    Part of Devry, same reputation as Phoenix for aggressive marketing strategies. I went there look at the program not very impress with it, but there are better options out there!
  3. iquagmire

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    Better options for finance? Do you know of any master's programs (not MBA) that are RA and accept federal aid? Thanks.
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  4. Hortonka

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    Have you taken a look at Texas A&M-Commerce?

    They have a online MBA program
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    My opinion may not be mainstream for this forum...but there is really nothing wrong with Keller that I can see other than perhaps they are a bit aggressive in marketing and a tad expensive. But if they have the curriculum you like at a price you can afford, they are a reputable, accredited University. As is Devry and University of Phoenix. The marketing tactics used tend to rub some the wrong way in some circles.

    Personally I know at least 2 Devry grads and both are doing pretty well for themselves. They have job placement that is out of this world.

    Certainly I do not see an employer holding them in a negative light.
  8. iquagmire

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    Thanks everyone.

    FriendorFoe - I know a person that graduate with a BS in Computer Science from University of Miami and had the option of an MBA from UM but chose Keller and received the MBA from there. She's been promoted several times to a great project management managers job. Her level of skill is what sparked my interest in Keller. But I've seen many negative comments on the web and that's why I posed the question on this board (I trust the opinions here more than "out there").

    Thanks again everyone!
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  10. Randell1234

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    I went to DeVry in NJ (1986) before online options and the school is great. I know several people that have graduated from DeVry (online and campus programs) and they are doing very well.

    I interviewed many people with DeVry degrees because they are strong in Chicago and I was very impressed.
  11. Arch23

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    I recently attended Keller Graduate School of Management. Did both on-campus (West Hills, CA) and online MBA classes. My professors were great and the classes were rigorous -- the requirements were too time-consuming, however (particularly in the online classes), that I've decided to stop attending in the meantime (the schoolwork was interfering with my job). The on-campus classes required too many oral presentations (individual and group), while the online classes required mandatory (minimum three times) weekly postings and critiques of EACH classmate's weekly papers (e.g., if there are 15 of you in class, you'll be writing 14 reaction papers each week in addition to the one you're writing and in addition to the other writing assignementS for that week). In addition, we read on average per week three chapters and two or three journal articles which we had to either react on or answer multiple discussion questions on (we answered around five discussion questions per chapter). My classmates and I kept telling one another that the classes we were taking were obviously for those who had nothing else to do with their lives than sit in front of their computers everyday writing assignments.
  12. Arch23

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    We also had mandatory "group chat" sessions in some of my classes, which were very difficult to schedule as the time would either be too early or too late depending on which coast you were.

    All exams I had were essay-type exams that no one could finish in the three hours allotted, so it was always difficult to get As in the final exams.

    During the time I was there, I was happy with the quality of the professors and the materials we were using. I was also very happy with student services (I've attended many schools and haven't found any that was even close to Keller's -- West Hills -- excellent student support services), but I was VERY unhappy with the unreasonable workload, plus the high tuition. I'll probably transfer to another school when I decide to go back to school.
  13. friendorfoe

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    I've got to mark this in my calender....this may be the first time I have ever seen a complaint of TOO MUCH rigor for a grad school.:p
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    Thanks Arch for the detailed info on your experiences. Also thanks frindorfoe, Randall and FriarTuck for your additional info. I think I like the program that Webster offers. Nothing wrong with Keller but Webster's is a straight MS in Finance compared to Keller's Accounting and Financial Management focus. Plus, Webster's a tad cheaper.
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    I’m in the process of enrolling in the Master of Accounting and Financial Management at Keller/Devry. I think that I have the best chance of 1) completing this program and 2) completing this program in a timely fashion. I would rather have success in this lower tier program than struggle or fail out of a more prestigious program. I will be taking classes “On the ground, not online” and feel that I will be “pushed” through the programs. I’ve never been exceptional in the classroom. My odds of succeeding are my reasoning for this program. The tuition is not cheap, If my employer was not paying 100% then I would look for more value for “MY” money. I’ve done numerous web/google searches for opinions of the school with little result! Any alumni out there? Any links to good or bad articles? Let me know…thanks!
  17. SteveFoerster

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    Sounds like you've already done a decent analysis. I don't know about their Keller programs, but I know a few people who did classroom-based IT undergraduate programs at DeVry and really liked them. Good luck!

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    I am looking at the Keller School of Management as well for The Master of Network and Communications Management Program, with a focus on Wireless Networks. I was planning on tring to attend University College Masters of Applied Science in Telecommunications, but they require a Regionally accreditted bachelors degree.

    Does the Keller School of Managment accept students with a Nationally Accreditted bachelors? I also noticed that the GMAT or GRE is not required..... I like this as I am not great at super long tests....
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