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    I am not sure who else is a Quant on the forum versus a Poet (catch the Poets and Quants reference?) :)

    Anywho, I found a few MS in Operations Research degrees that are fairly interesting. In my Decision Models course we are going over Optimization and LP Sensitivity which got me to thinking about Operations Research programs. Seems there are very few online programs but the few I found are from good uni's:

    North Carolina State University


    University of Southern California


    If I was to pursue anothet Masters degree, it'd likely be in this field.
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    That USC is a private school.

    The public USC is in South Carolina. ;)
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    Goodness they are aren't they. Lol I never realized USC was a private school.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Then go to USC in Columbia; you get two names for one price. USC (University of Southern California) + Columbia University = USC in Columbia. :D
    My city, Atlanta has Georgia Tech's Master of Science in Operations Research (About $33K).
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