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    I want to enroll in TESC's BSBA program in Operations Management. Before I talk to one of their advisers, I wanted to ask a couple of questions here.

    On their website, under the "What can I earn online" section, this degree shows up. However, when I look at the required courses, many of them don't show up under their course catalog.

    I'm not interested in testing out of any courses. I'm just horrible at tests and I don't think I can expect to be prepared for a test unless I actually took the course. I have 24 credits that should transfer, and I intend to complete the other 96 completely online.

    As you can see here http://www.tesc.edu/3049.php , many of the courses under the electives are not offered online or don't show up on their course catalog. That's a bit disappointing because there are a few that look interesting to me.

    Has anyone here completed this degree? If so, can you confirm that it can be completed 100% through DL?

    If not, I may just get an AS from TESC and transfer to Southwestern college.

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    If you need another school, Franklin University offers a BS in Operations and Supply Chain Management that I'm fairly certain is 100% online.
  3. Ian Anderson

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    I believe the general idea here is that you take courses wherever you find them then transfer them into TESC. If you are experienced and demonstrate learning in some areas you can request credit via portfolio.

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