Oops, For the old search post. Question: What is better a BBA, BS, BAS degree

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    I have noticed while doing research that some schools offer a variety of degrees including a BBA, BS, and BAS in business with marketing emphasis.


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    Honestly, I believe they have the same value. Which means, all Bachelor degrees are Bachelor degrees. But if I have to rank them, I would put into these categories.

    - Bachelor of Science
    - Bachelor of Business Administration
    - Bachelor of Applied Science

    Remember: It is my opinion not fact or theory.
  3. me again

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    BA = requires more arts than a BS or a BAS i.e. may require a language for graduation.
    BS = requires fewer arts and more core courses than a BA i.e. may not require a language for graduation.
    BAS = requires the most more core courses (more than a BA or a BS) i.e. it's highly unlikely that a language is required for graduation.

    The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) probably falls under the BAS category. For utility purposes, they are all the same.
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  5. Maniac Craniac

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    A related question is: Is there a single person in the entire world that would see BSBA on a resume and think that it was somehow different than a BBA, BASBA or BABA? I'd venture to say "no," but maybe someone out there can think of an exception and correct me.

    Source: Simpsons BBBQ - YouTube
  6. StefanM

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    This may be the case at some institutions, but unless you know the name of the institution, you can't really assume this anymore. Some institutions have nearly arbitrary distinctions, and sometimes the distinctions are in name only.

    As a general rule, I would say that BS/BA/BBA are probably on a similar level, but BAS programs are often based on a community-college based AAS, which is more technical than a typical AA or general education curriculum in a BA/BS/BBA program.

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