Online teaching credential choices for a California credential?

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    My lovely daughter is just about to graduate from UCLA. She is now considering the best way to earn a teaching credential and is hoping to do it online. She is looking at National University, where I earned my credential, but she would like some other options. National is a little pricey for her.

    We know there are a number of good options out there, but I would like to hear from my esteemed DI colleagues about some other programs. What is the best way to get a credential that will be good here in California? What is the most economical way to go?
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    Interesting that you bring this topic.
    My relative who is a senor ina high school got accepted to UCLA with academic grant and also to Peperdine Universityamong many others.
    She wants to be a teacher so if she goes to UCLA English major then if she earns her degree in 4 years the next step is another year or more to earn CA Teaching Credential. If she goes to Peperdine University then they have a 4 year Bachelors degree that combines the teaching credential in it.

    I encourage to get degree from UCLA and then if she still wants to teach to do what her mom did, she earned CA teaching credential from National University.
    She was working in Elementary school with emergency teaching credential full time at LAUSD wile attending NU. It worked out well, the observations took place in the classroom she thought.
    In CA NU teaching credential is well known and respected.

    Other online programs are WGU, some elected WGU for their online post Bachelors as flexible competency based option.
    SJU (Saint Joseph) Online Accelerated Teaching Certification requires 27 credit hours of coursework and can be completed just three semesters. More economic then NU.

    Now if she is willing to cross to Trojan territory then The Master of Arts in Teaching delivered online offers:

    The opportunity to earn a Teaching Credential as you earn your master’s degree.
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