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    I feel as if I'm just starting out my online and distance learning journey by transferring into a BSBA degree program in the fall and will be enrolled in some classes in the next month.

    Are there any useful tips / strategies you guys might offer me. In my mind I'm thinking of things like locating and downloading related itunesu and podcasts to play in the car. I realize that this is very introductory for many of you people that are far along in your graduate studies, but what advice can you offer to a guy who is just starting out and trying to make sure I find balance between my demanding job & schoolwork "on the side".
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    Congratulations on entering your BSBA program and good luck to you!

    My best advice to you is to find your sweet spot in your daily rhythm and use it to your advantage. While I was getting my Master's degree, it was best to study at night, after work, at my work location. Now, it is early in the morning, before the dogs and hubby are awake...

    Another bit of advice is that you will occasionally find yourself to be stuck, bored, or procrastinating. When you are in such a situation, move on to something else and come back to your rut when you are ready. As an example, right now, I am putting off working my field study. I have much of chapter 1 done, but I am stuck in a few places, so I will move on to filling in the outlines of the other chapters and come back to my trouble spots in chapter 1 a little later.
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    It depends on your interests, and you have to find one that fit you. Some people can listen to podcast for hours, some rather reading the textbook and taking notes. I would recommend you to start out with your course syllabus; if you find that is not the way for you, then I would recommend you to find podcast route. UC-Berkley offers good number of undergraduate business courses via podcast. Even though I don't take any classes at the moment, but I still listen podcast while driving and at the gym on penetration testing, ethical hacking, and etc. Sometimes, I don't remember what I have listened; but at least I love it.
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    My tips are not to get behind, ask instructor immediately if you are unclear (don't wait - it will only get worse), make a calendar with due dates (going to class makes it easier to remember that - for example - you have a test the next day), and establish a study schedule. Podcasts and other videos are great for concepts with which you are having trouble and to internalize complex concepts such as supply and demand, amortization and standard deviations to name a few. Some textbooks have a free (or $10-15) podcast series that goes along with the textbook, which can be a big help. Most texts also have powerpoint slides or lecture notes for free. Print those off and use them when you have a break at work or to use as review before exams.

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