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    Hi Everyone,

    I have a BBA in Business Administration (3.31 overall gpa) from Sam Houston State University (brick-and-mortar university) and I am in the middle of a career change. I want to be a Certified Addiction Counselor. However, I need a degree in a Social Science (Psychology, Sociology, etc.) and I am interested in Psychology. I would like to get this degree online and I'd like it to be from a University that isn't ridiculously expensive. I've seen some that charge like $1,300/class. That I cannot do. Also I'd like to finish as fast as I can. I was looking at University's that are partners with StraighterLine and that have the option to test out/take accelerated courses. It would be great if they also offer a Masters degree (preferably without a thesis). Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you!

    I was thinking Colorado Technical University an idea. Does anyone have tuition payment options like Straighterline where it's a certain amount of money per month?
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    I'd stick with Psychology.

    As for cost, it's going to be tough to find something cheaper than the amount you posted, I'm sure it's out there I just can't think of any right now. Purdue University Global is out of your price range, but they offer this:

    I would pick up as many single social sciences courses that match up generally with the Bachelors program I'm considering (a sociology or social psychology course is fine), from places like Straighterline and others. Maybe even take one or two just to see if you really like it and really want to pursue it as a career. Saylor Academy is another option, they have a few social sciences courses, and they have one course in Organizational Behavior that is not uncommon to find in social sciences programs, but you may have already taken this in your business program.

    The least expensive Bachelors of Psychology program I know of (and one that you can accelerate in) is with Ashworth College:

    Just keep in mind that it is nationally accredited which is not a death sentence by any stretch of the imagination despite what you may have been told, but NA degrees can sometimes carry lesser utility than regionally accredited degrees. Be sure to check with your state licensing department to be sure of what will/will not disqualify you from licensure, and I say that even if you go with a regionally accredited program. Find out about contact hours and contact method guidelines and other requirements and never assume that if it's a regionally accredited program you're automatically covered.

    One last thing, I don't how your state handles it or how organizations in your area view it, but I've seen people trying to do what you're doing start with the Associate degree in Psychology first. You may be able to transfer in enough credits to only have 5 courses left and get a degree in the field in-hand much sooner.
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    In addition to Ashworth college, the Big 3 all have a Bachelors degree with majors in Psychology. COSC would be comparable in price to Ashworth as you only need to take two courses from them and the remainder you can transfer from ACE course providers such as Saylor, Sophia, StraighterLine and, or if you prefer other cheaper options such as NCCRS (Coopersmith, Davar, - After you're done with a degree from one of the Big 3 or Ashworth college, you can then move up to the Walden Masters as they take NA/RA undergrad students. Link:
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    Thank you so much, everyone!
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    Who is COSC? I Googled it. Is it Charter Oak State College?
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    I would want to add that while Walden might take your credits they also charge a lot per credit. I don't think there's anything wrong with Walden but there is likely to be cheaper options.
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    That's so true if you're going the regular route by taking classes and being charged per credit, so make sure you choose the Capella FlexPath or choose the Walden Tempo Learning as it's per term fee of unlimited courses as that's the competency based option. Just do them as fast as possible and if you can do the degree in 3 terms (9 months), it'll only cost you $8 grand for the Masters degree.
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    If he goes the Masters route, I would take a course in Statistics for Psychology first, you're going to need that, and a course in Research Methods, but everything else can be picked up without prior learning in the field provided that the school is not super particular on prerequisites (some are, you just have to check first). Obviously, the Masters route will take longer than going to the Big 3 or Ashworth or any other school that allows you to accelerate for an undergrad degree, but it's an option. He's in a really good spot and can go in a number of directions.

    For addictions you'll of course be seeing patients, so states require you to go through a certain course of education to qualify you to sit for the state licensing exam. Usually, your social sciences degree program will cover a certain amount of hours, but not all. So you'll need to look for a Substance Abuse Counseling certification program that is approved in your state that will get you enough hours to be able to sit.
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    Tyler, I'd highly advise you to check out your state licensing board before really comparing school options. There are some significant changes between states, and of what the program requirements are for the various licenses in that field.

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