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    PSY 301: Intro to Psychology

    This fall, The University of Texas at Austin presents an online course that is unlike anything offered anywhere else in the world.

    PSY 301 is open to everyone including both current UT students and non-UT students. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to experience a groundbreaking new course taught by award-winning faculty from UT Austin.

    This leading-edge online structure is a perfect match for the course's unique content.

    • No textbooks - Read free online assigned resources.
    • No conventional exams - Benchmark quizzes assess learning and progress.
    • Full academic credit appears on an official transcript from The University of Texas at Austin.
    • Does not require UT registration.
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    So, live online means synchronous? So if the course starts at 8am I have to be online at 8am?
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    That's what the syllabus says, "Welcome to Introductory Psychology. This is going to be a class unlike any you have ever taken. This Synchronous Massive Online Course will likely enroll more than 2,000 students. Unlike other Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs, this one will be live and will encourage student participation."

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