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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by conjecture, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. conjecture

    conjecture New Member

    I am looking for online PhD in Finance/Accounting. NCU is too expensive, Aspen has good price but it does not have PhD. Unisa is affordable but it is not a US degree.
    I don't mind whether it is RA or NA, I would like an affordable online PhD program.

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    Well, if NCU is expensive for you..then you have no choice. NA does not offer any Ph.D's.

    - Northcentral University (NCU)
    - Walden University
    - Capella University

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  4. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    Actually NCU is the cheapest of the RA options. Tuition fees are increasing world wide as a product of increasing demand for education.

    I'm afraid that if you want a credible degree, you will need to be ready to dish out the 60 to 100K.

    You have the NA accredited like Aspen but the utility of this type of degree is practically none and this is reflected in the price.
  5. conjecture

    conjecture New Member

    I saw somewhere that NCU's school fee is around 44K. Does it increase to 60-100K?
    By the way, do the program need to write a lot? As I am not a native speaker, I can understand but my writing is not idiomatic enough.
  6. GeneralSnus

    GeneralSnus Member

    Any legitimate doctoral program will require plenty of writing.

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    You can go with Capella University for under $35K only if you have to transfer maximum credits and take maximum credits per term.
  8. RFValve

    RFValve Well-Known Member

    There are lot of hidden fees (e.g. delay in dissertations, forced to take a minimum of courses, penalties, etc). 44K is the minimum but be ready to dish out more cash as you also have yearly tuition increases that tend to be higher than the inflation rate.

    The PhD requires a lot of writing. If you are not the writing type, may be the PhD is not for you.

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