online or low-residency degrees in TESOL, applied linguistics, language education, et

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    Hi all,

    I am looking into graduate programs in TESOL, applied linguistics, language education. Does anyone have any personal experience on any of the programs listed below? I'm not interested in K-12 teacher certification of any kind, as this course of study would be for working with adults in corporations/language centers & schools/private instruction/colleges. Also, I LOVE the idea of a dual degree with emphases in teaching Spanish and TESOL. The only one that I'm aware of is at University of Southern Mississippi so if anyone has info about what it's like in the program or other schools with similar offerings, I welcome that info! Thank you so much for your help :).

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    Northern Arizona University

    I just completed my MA in English, with TESOL and Prof. Writing Certificates. There are several MA's available, including TESOL, Linguistics, etc.

    Hope this helps!


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