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  1. StevenKing

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    Anyone know of a good RA online nutrition course?

    Steven King, MBA, MEd
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  3. major56

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    Athabasca University: Nutrition 331: Nutrition for Health
    Nutrition 331 : Courses : Athabasca University

    Acadia University:
    Open Acadia | Online Nutrition Courses for Memorial University (MUN) students

    University of Maine:
    The University of Maine - Food Science and Human Nutrition - Online Courses

    University of Rochester: NGS 310 Nutrition and Health
    University of Rochester School of Nursing

    University of Illinois: AnSc 423: Advanced Dairy Nutrition
    Classes: Online Dairy Courses | University of Illinois

    Purdue University: ANSC 22100 ANIMAL NUTRITION

    Tufts University: several online nutrition grad certificates
    Online Certificate Programs | Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy

    Framingham State University: online Grad Cert in Nutrition Education
    Framingham State University - Graduate and Continuing Education - Certificate Programs - Graduate Certificate in Nutrition Education (Online)

    eCornell: Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition
    Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition - Online Certificate Program | eCornell

    OpenCourseWare (OCW) free online nutrition courses offered by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and by Tufts University
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    TESC has a 3 semester hour, $99 TECEP exam in The Science of Nutrition. At a higher price, there's a corresponding course.
  6. StevenKing

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    Thanks, everyone!
    -Steve King
  7. major56

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    Yes, however the OP merely inquired as to online nutrition courses … not specifically human or animal /dairy nutrition. Certainly your provided course listing was of use to the OP...
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