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    Thanks for all the help! I'll definitely keep coming back to this thread.

    One more thing- this doesn't have to do with college but it helps. Try and network with other librarians. Ask to meet them to talk and tour the place. You'll likely have an interesting and informative time, and perhaps make new friends.

    I've toured two special (corporate) libraries, and I've gotten to look in a special collection. I'm hoping to tour a local library behind the scenes soon.
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    I loved working at the library in college as a work-study. I worked at the circulation counter of the main university library and it was always busy there. It was located right in the center of the two main entrances. Never missed much there. Towards the end of the semester, when all of the books were coming back in and no one was checking anything out, I got to take a break from the counter area and go shelve the extra books our shelvers could not keep up with.

    I was happy when they made the stacks (the old books) restricted access. They were in the old towers part of the library and hardly anyone went there. It was kind of creepy as you never knew who or what would be lurking around there when they were open access.
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    I do have one bump and I hope the original poster is still on- I was recently looking through some p[ositions at military libraries- and at least overseas, the library technician position has a preference for military family members who are in the area. So, in case you happen to ship overseas, you may want to check if the local library needs staff.

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