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    Hello Guys,

    I wonder if someone can help me, I'm looking to complete an MBA/MA/BBA online with as little as possible course work.

    I say this as I have completed the following courses:
    BTEC(HND) in Business and Management via Edexcel
    Level-7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership via CMI
    and two subjects left before completing Post Graduate Diploma in strategic management and leadership via CMI.

    There are a few UK University's, but they are way too expensive for me, I live in SOuth-Africa. Here, no University will accept you into the final year or let you do the thesis/research project only, like many UK University's.

    I have looked at a few Indian Uni's, they all look great, prices are great, but I cannot find one where I only need to do thesis or research project, the one I did find that allows me to complete the course via South-Africa, expect me to complete 18 subjects, and 18 online exams.

    I do not see myself doing this hence the Post Grad Diploma, I have covered ost if not all the work already.

    Any ideas? I beleive there are something somewhere in India, just dont know where?

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    Ok, you seems getting in tough situation bro.

    Where did you completed the CMI level 7 diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership, and how much it cost to you ? How long you took ?

    What Indian university made you give 18 online examinations ? Please share
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    I don't know anything about Indian universities but I think your best bet would be Edinburgh Business School - the Graduate School of Business of Heriot-Watt University. Someone will correct me if I am wrong but they take students into the MBA program without formal bachelor's degrees. Coursework is self-paced and students take the exams when they are ready, thus if you already know the information you can progress rapidly. In my opinion, a BBA is redundant if you have an MBA, so if you can skip this entirely that would be expedient. Introduction | Edinburgh Business School | Postgraduate study | What can I study? | Heriot-Watt University Edinburgh

    The other option is Malaysian universities. There have been some posts on those here lately but I have limited info. Do a search for Malaysia.
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    University of Leicester in the UK may be a good choice for you. They have tuition rates that take into account your geographic location, so you may find that it fits your budget.
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    Rvalve, what was that school in the UK you wrote earlier that had a very good top-up tuition?
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    University of Gloucester

    Welcome, International Students!

    The problem is that these programs are technically not distance. They told me that you can arrange distance supervision with your supervisor but you need to meet at least once to negotiate and take a seminar that is a week long.

    It is not so expensive for me to go to England but some people might live far, not able to take time off from work or not able to get visa to England so this is something to consider.

    Most British and Australian research programs can be distance if negotiated with supervisor. However, you will be required to do visits for the negotiation process.

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