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    I have completed my bachelor's from india (which is a 3 yr degree) and want to do my online Masters in Accounting or taxation and then sit for the CPA exam. But the problem is that when i got my transcripts evaluated they said that my Indian college was not an accredited one. I am finding it very hard to search for a Masters program because of this reason. I really want to do my masters and CPA and get a good job. Can someone please recommend me some accredited colleges that offer online MACC programs and something that is affordable (within $20,000 or less). I am totally depressed and don't know what to do. The Master's program that i am looking should also be acceptable by California CPA board as well.

    Please help!!!!
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    If the evaluator did not accept your degree from india, then CA board wont qualify you either. So, you need a bachelors degree from an accredited institution. Accredited means regional accreditation, not sure DETC degrees are accepted for this purpose. Then you will need additional 30 credits or a masters degree.

    You may try at University of Dallas. They usually accept credits earned outside USA, provided your college/University is recognized by the country where its located.

    Good luck!
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    First, I would go with a different evaluation agency. They are basically paid to give you their "opinion", and I have seen that opinion vary widely from agency to agency, and even between reviewers in the same agency!

    In my experience over the years talking with US students getting their Heriot-Watt MBA evaluated, I've heard of evaluations that ranged from equivalent to a US MBA to a high school diploma! You can find a list of evaluators at NACES® Members .

    I'm curious though, which evaluation service did you use?
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    I should add, this was also a problem in my old department at UF. It was an engineering department, and a majority of our students were from Asia, the Middle East, and African countries. Many of those students did not have a degree that was considered 'equivalent' because they had 3 year degrees that only focused on their discipline, rather than the US style which also has many 'general education' courses like public speaking, world literature, history, etc.

    What the department did in those cases was to allow the student enter the graduate program, but they had to take those extra 'leveling' courses along the way. Perhaps there is an online masters accounting program that will let you do the same thing?
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    Degree Mills are becoming rampant in India due to unpresidented economic growth. Some of the unaccredited schools go to an extent of having very modern campuses and attract students. The students end up with unaccredited degrees which is worthless anywhere. One such example is IIPM. IIPM: The Indian Institute of Planning and Management
    IIPM students get degree from IMI Belgium. IMI is unaccredited. So IIPM students in India are awarded an unaccredited degree after paying about $30K for the program and investing 2 years of their life in those worthless campuses.

    IIPM can’t confer degrees: UGC - Indian Express

    A lot of students in India do not do any research before enrolling in these sham schools.
    Some of the bet universities/schools in India have a highly competitive enterance exam to get in and the degrees are valued all over the world. Universities in USA and even the credential evaluators has a lot to learn about frauds that happen across India in Education.
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    you may use different evaluation agency, if its accepted by the accountancy board.
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    Why not just go for a bachelors in accounting through Peru State or even Excelsior? You really don't need a masters to sit for the CPA exam. It would be cheaper for you.

    Do you want to work in public accounting? In CA? If you like tax why not sit for the EA exam? You don't need any education or experience to sit for that exam. You could latch on at a public accounting firm doing tax work while you're completing either your masters or bachelors prior to sitting for CPA exam. Big 4 accounting firms require managers to have JD, CPA or EA. So you don't strictly need the CPA. You can start at a small firm, get your nose under the tent and impress them with your output and attitude.

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    Also, it might be good to look at an alternative certification to help you get your foot in the door for accounting positions. I'm thinking that the ACAT exams might be appropriate for you, if you'd like to get into a small accounting firm or work as a junior accountant at a business. You don't need a degree to sit for the exam, although education can count for 2 of 3 years experience required. This credential is pushed in my state by 2 year accounting programs, if you pass the exam here in MN you can become a Registered Accounting Practitioner (RAP) and basically do anything a CPA can except attestation. I think IA and DE also have the same arrangement. Anyway, like the EA credential, it's low cost, anyone can sit, and you can probably gain these credentials within a year and become more employable.

    Achieving and maintaining your ACAT Accountancy and Taxation accreditation is a statement of your commitment to maintaining your professional growth.

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