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    ENEB is a school in Spain that awards "titulo propio" degrees in concert with the Spanish university Isabel I. The coursework is in English. They have a Groupon where you can choose to get either a single degree for about $250US or a MBA + a Master's for about $300US. While these degrees are perfectly legitimate for most employment purposes in their home country, the whole system doesn't really translate well to the Canadian/US system. They've been evaluated as being equivalent to certificates, to Bachelor's degrees, and to unaccredited Master's degrees. On the one hand, it is only about $500 (degree + evaluation) to find out if it'll work for your needs. On the other hand, it's also time wasted that you could be using for a degree that you know will work. On the other-other hand, you could also use the ENEB work to "study up" for a more relevant degree. So, it really depends on what your most immediate needs are.
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    I had no idea Canadian MBAs were so expensive. I got my undergrad at Athabasca (paying ~$250 CAD per credit or so from 2016-2018 as an Ontario-based student, it's higher now) but the MBA is $1000+ per credit hour so the MBA is 48-52K depending on whether you do a capstone or not. About 10% of that cost is a mandatory "in-residence". Ridiculous!
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    Thank you both for the ENEB explanation. I think it is not what I am looking for right now.

    Exactly! It really has gotten out of hand and not affordable. As I said I am looking to solidify my skills and fill in gaps so that I can venture outside of what I have been doing. I have enough career time left!
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    Nationally Accredited schools are fine for Americans, that I agree - It'll also work for international students as well. However, I also agree with Regionally Accredited schools being the absolute floor for any degree, at the undergrad or grad level. For the cost, energy, time you put into the Nationally Accredited degree - you can get a similarly priced one for much more ROI/Value. The only reason I would recommend a NA degree is when it's at the Doctorate level OR in a degree field/vertical that isn't available online/elsewhere for cheap.

    LLBgal, from your list, I don't think I would go for any of those yet, until you know their requirements and prerequisites. I recommend AACSB or ACBSP accredited programs, and at the minimum, Regionally Accredited, I highly recommend MOOC/CBE programs with partnership universities... Since you have a LLB, you may want to check out this list, and my recommendation in this order.

    Master of Science in Management (AACSB), their similar MBA is twice as expensive!
    1 year, 10 – 15 hrs per week per class
    36 credit hours | 9 courses
    Coursera Link:
    UOI Link:
    Get it for 70% off, $3-3.5K USD:

    2) Upgrad/Deakin University (Australia) 2 Year MBA or 1 Year MBA if you have the prerequisites
    This is an amazing degree as they have both the AACSB and EQUIS accreditation - also top 20 online Global MBA, or you can go for their other partner, Liverpool Business School.

    MBA (Global) | Deakin Business School
    Dual Credentials | MBA from DBS & PGPM from IMT
    AACSB & EQUIS | Deakin B-School Accreditation
    2 years | Recommended 10-12 hrs/week
    Program Fee ₹ 500,000 | Roughly 6,750 USD

    (MBA) Liverpool Business School
    Dual Credentials | MBA from LBS & PGPM from IMT
    AACSB Member | LBS Accreditation
    20 Months | Recommended 10-12 hrs/week
    Program Fee ₹ 400,000 | Roughly 5,400 USD

    3) I would then go for an any AACSB school that is under $15K and completely online with GRE/GMAT waivers. Anyone one of them as they are all RA and have AACSB programmatic/secondary accreditation, these are at least 18-24 months in length.

    4) Purdue Global, WGU, Walden, and a few others are ACBSP accredited, these are CBE programs which means you pay by the term, the faster you finish, the cheaper it becomes. You don't necessarily need an MBA, WGU offers the MSML which has ACBSP, and any other CBE programs should work well for you...

    5) HAU Hellenic American University has a special going on, it's just $3K for their 2 year MBA, several people from this board and the sister board have started classes there. They just have RA and no secondary/programmatic accreditation, but for this price, it'll be like going to a local "not really known" university. I was initially going to go with this school, and may if I don't get into the #1 option.

    6) I got in on the "Groupon ENEB" deal as I've done the research before and after I finished 3 of their programs at amazingly cheap prices. I've purchased Groupon deals before on TEFL/TESOL as well as their deals for 6sigma/Scrum/ITIL and other business/IT related certifications and training. I have the ENEB/Universidad Isabel I deals (MBA, Big Data & Business Intelligence, Digital Marketing & E-Commerce)
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    The upside to Spanish propio programs for Americans and for people of other countries that have evaluators who accept propios for evaluation, is that for very little money you get to learn some new things and earn a legitimate degree. Like Rachel pointed out, using it as a preparatory program for a greater-recognized grad degree is a smart move given the low price when you compare that to the much higher prices of available preparatory programs out there. I personally--if I were still interested in taking any more degree programs--wouldn't mind listing one on my resume if I had no plans for further study, or if I was looking to do what I previously mentioned with preparation.

    The downside to the propio is that if you're looking to transfer or move up to a Doctoral program in the U.S. or Canada or anywhere else, and the school(s) you're interested in doesn't do them in-house like many schools don't, then you're at the mercy of a foreign credential evaluation that may or may not go the way you need it to go. One of the pluses to the American WES evaluation was that it gives students a chance at the small number (and possibly growing due to the ed market downturn brought on by COVID) of accredited Doctoral programs that do allow unaccredited degrees for admission. The utility of the propio is greater in Spain and that should be expected because its native to that country, much like the utility of the nationally accredited degree is greater in the United States and is native here, while both are likely to have lesser or much lesser utility in Canada.

    Having said all of that (I mentioned this a little while back) I do have a friend in Toronto with a Master's from ENEB and she did land a job there based on it. Anecdotal of course, but one example of it working for someone. There are others, I just don't know their stories.
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    Agreed. If I ever find a propio in políticas públicas for under $1,000 I'll jump at it, but the ones I see now are around the $8000 mark, which is a bit too much for the semi-recognized status. But learning is learning!
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    Agreed. This is a great option! It just isn't what I'm looking for at my age
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  8. LearningAddict

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    I meant the post to be generalized for passersby who might be curious about some of the purposes we've come to look at it for. It may seem odd for newer users to see propios come up as often as they do now, but it reached a point where it was the most discussed thing here and on several other boards and I guess some of us are still enjoying talking about it.

    In your case, with the budget you're considering, you have some good options with a number of American schools which is kinda funny when you consider Americans looking into Spanish degrees because American programs are so expensive, then we have Canadians looking into American programs sometimes for similar reasons.
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  9. smartdegree

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    After understanding more about your profile from your posts (e.g. 20+ years experience), I think you might fit an executive-style program.
    Since your budget seems to be capped at around $30k, have you taken a look at UBC (Okanagan campus) mid-career masters in management? It's an executive program primarily online with a few residencies. It's structured almost exactly like an Executive MBA and is targeted towards mid-career professionals.

    The class profile looks like very experienced professionals in their 30s-40s.

    It's C$29K (equivalent to US$24K). As a Canadian program you also get a 15% rebate through your T2202. So a net cost of just C$24.7K.

    You can't get any more legit than UBC in Canada.
  10. LLBgal

    LLBgal New Member

    That's a great suggestion but on the other side of the country... so even partial in person would not work. Thanks for the suggestion though!!!
  11. smartdegree

    smartdegree Active Member

    You're welcome. The residential portion is very short and in fact, there are people from other provinces that attend. Basically just 2 weeks each summer, you can fit that in a vacation.

    They are full time for two weeks in July, for three consecutive summers.
  12. AsianStew

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    Which university is this? I've looked at a few Canadian MBA/EMBA options and the one that tops my list is the Cornell/Queens EMBA at $129K USD. Because of the cost, I would maybe sway into a Triple A/Crown degree for a fraction of the price instead.

    Which one is this? There are a few in that price range, the cheapest being ACBSP MBA programs at Univ Canada West (Private) or Vancouver Island University (Public) at under $25K CDN, There is another private school in New Brunswick - U of Fredericton at roughly $25K as well, they have an EMBA at ~$30K.
  13. LLBgal

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    Ivey @ UWO, Rotman and Queens (i think on queens) are all $100k + for EMBA.

    UFred was the $30k EMBA.

    I need online exclusively. Were any of the others you referred to online?
  14. TeacherBelgium

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    Hellenic American University will cost you 6k$ with a merits-based scholarship. They are regionally accredited. It's 36 US credits. Very interesting program.

    I'm trying to get into University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, iMsM. If my application is rejected, then I will go with the above option.
    University of Illinois, iMsM is only 11k$ and very prestigious.
  15. I believe you are looking at 6K because you live in EU, US residents are at 3k and it would be worthwhile for a Canadian to check with HAU in New Hampshire to see what they would be looking at cost wise
  16. LLBgal

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    I think the $3k tuition is only for new US students. I've sent an inquiry.

    The iMSM is good value. I am set on an MBA though for a variety of reasons.
  17. Did you specifically ask Canada? Just curious
  18. LLBgal

    LLBgal New Member

    I am waiting to hear back but yes I have specifically asked.
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  19. AsianStew

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    @TeacherBelgium , We've got the same tastes, haha... my #1 is your #1 choice, my backup is also your backup choice, and we both did 3+ ENEB programs!

    @LLBgal , as a Canadian/US Dual Citizen, I would skip Canadian schools and take the CBE (competency based education) options in the US.

    I would say it won't really matter if you chose the online options I mentioned earlier for $25K CDN (UFred/UCWest) or the $3KUSD (HAU) option, they're just Provincially Accredited or Regionally Accredited - which is basically the same thing in each country. If you're going for the online ACBSP program at Univ Canada West, it's $25K CDN, I would rather just pay Walden as they have an MBA that is also ACBSP at $2700 USD/Term, and finish it in two terms for much cheaper. If you want to splurge more, the Purdue Global MBA also has ACBSP has a better sounding name and recognition for under 10K USD.
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  20. TeacherBelgium

    TeacherBelgium Active Member

    Haha we have the same resume :D
    Same ENEB degrees, same HAUNIV degree if we are rejected at Uni of Illinois.
    Let's hope for the best with the uni of Illinois application.
    When did you hand yours in? I handed mine in 2 weeks ago but still "awaiting admissions decision".
    Fingers crossed ;-)

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