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Discussion in 'High School Education via Distance Learning' started by joel66, Feb 27, 2012.

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    I am looking for some online high school programs for my niece. So far, I have narrowed it down to the following:

    Texas Tech University Independent School District Looks like a good program, because students have the option of taking "Credit by Exams" which including proctor fees is around $100 per course. Depending on the amount of classes she can get transferred over, as she has completed the 11th grade, this looks like a good route.

    BYU Independent Study also has an inexpensive program. I still need to get additional information from them.

    I also contacted Penn Foster Career School. They lady on the phone was very friendly and answered all of my questions without asking for any personal information other than my name. She respected my privacy, as I told her I had several schools to call before I took it to the next level. She advised that based on my niece completing the 11th grade, my niece has a good chance of getting the max credits applied, and would only need to take five or six classes to graduate, and it cost approx $675 to complete her diploma.

    I also contacted James Madison High School (Ashworth College). I was a little upset with the person I spoke with over the phone. Like Penn Foster, I tried to explain to them they were one of four schools I was looking at. He asked for my name, which I gave and tried to talk again. He said he needed my phone number to better assist me. I gave it, and said I only need to get some basic info. He then requested my email address, to better assist me. I said fine, and gave it and again tried to talk. He then asked for my mailing address. I told him that was enough, I just want my questions answered. He said without an address he would not be able to answer my question. I was a little upset with this guy, because it was the complete opposite of what service I was getting with Penn Foster. Sure, I would have given him a fictitious address, but I was a little upset over the tone and amount of questions being asked.

    I would like to know if anyone has input on the above schools? I checked the local area for GED based on the limited available seats it would be hard for her to take, and appears the above schools would be the best route. Also, the local community college indicated they would not have any programs with my niece getting her diploma from the above schools since they are regionally accredited.
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    You need to check out American School. Hands down their great!
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    My son is a student of Ashworth's high school program and we have been pleased with it. If you get someone on the phone that's being a pain, just hang up and call back and talk to a different rep.
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    Just a word of caution on James Madison High School....

    I recently joined their High school program, just because it appeared cheaper than Penn Foster (which is already cheap). Both those schools have same kind of accreditation (NA and RA). Only after joining and finishing my first 2 courses, I realized that I can do only 2 courses at a time (using their online option, which is the one I chose). After a couple of discussions with them, I was told that I need to pay for their textbooks option if I want the flexibility of doing the courses at my own pace and sequence. The total cost then comes to the same as Penn Foster. Not a real big deal - but I was not happy because this information was not disclosed at the time of admission, neither anywhere on their web site. So, I decided to drop out, and joined Penn Foster.

    The school by itself is good, the courses were good, but I found their support dodgy and devious.

    On the otherhand, Penn Foster was happy to answer my questions, and are with me all the times. I completed the first 5 courses within a month, and am very happy. BTW - my daughter also graduated from Penn Foster.
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    I'm partial to the Liberty Academy Online program, which is operated by Liberty University. What makes it really stand out is the fact that they offer a very nice assortment of dual enrollment classes that can be completed entirely online. This gives students the ability to earn both high school and college credit at the same time.

    Dual Enrollment Program | Liberty Online Academy
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    I contacted the school and they were very helpful on answering my questions. I like the elective classes they have, especially if a student wants to get into nursing, because they have nursing and several anatomy and physiology electives. However, based on the amount of transfer courses my niece completed, it would cost almost twice as much as Penn Foster. ($675 v. $1,200). Both of those schools includes books, but I noticed American High school has higher math and science requirements. I would rather have her take those courses at a community college.
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    This is one of the reasons why Penn Foster is my on short list. I took a few classes with Penn Foster when I had to fulfill my BS in Business requirements with Excelsior College. Also, I told my niece it doesn’t matter where she gets her high school diploma, as long as it meets the requirements to get into college. Once she completes her BS degree, she will no longer enter her high school information in her resume. Our goal is to get her to complete her high school diploma asap, so I can get her enrolled at the local community college to complete most of her pre-med courses, and send her off to a good 4-year school to complete the rest of her upper division courses to apply to med school.
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    I agree, I am working on my MBA with them now, and faxing my niece’s transcripts over. I plan to see what courses my niece would have left, and take into account the dual credit option. Liberty is one of the schools I am looking at, because I noticed they plan to open their own medical school in osteopathic medicine. I will need to compare the two schools (Liberty / Penn Foster) and determine what we plan to do after Liberty completes an unofficial evaluation on her high school transcripts.
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    I don't know about your specific situation, nor what's specifically available in Texas. In the interest of knowing all your options I would encourage you to consider the dual enrollment options available to high school and home school students.

    I believe that home school students receive free tuition at most Texas CC's. Here is a little piece to get your research started Homeschool Connection

    In Florida my daughter has been able to complete her first two years of college during her final two years of high school. We did it with a combination of dual enrollment and taking advantage of the colleges generous CLEP policy.

    I know I didn't exactly answer your question...but wanted to give you a heads up on other possible options.

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    I think I was looking at the wrong school. You didn't provide a link and instead of me typing "American School," I typed "American High School" which is $1,390 per year and has higher level classes, and has Health Services elective courses.

    American School appears reasonably priced, for $979 for 2 years or $659 for one year.
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    Here are a couple of others to consider for high school:

    University of Texas High School (not sure if you can do the entire thing online, but they do have quite a few courses online)
    UT Online High School Overview :: K-16 Education Center, The University of Texas at Austin

    University of Nebraska
    Online High School, Homeschool Program, U. of Nebraska: About ISHS

    I know you mentioned online programs, but I also like this one, I think it is more of a correspondence program (probably a little more pricey than some of the others)
    High School Enrollment at Oak Meadow: Homeschooling Curriculum, Resources, and Support

    The most inexpensive accredited high school program I have ever found (but it is Catholic), very flexible where you can use your own materials and go at your own pace (good if you want to finish quicker) and they also accept courses from other schools:
    Kolbe Academy

    Veritas Press Scholars Academy (looks like they offer dual enrollment with a university)
    VPSA Diploma Program
  13. onlinemom

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    I forgot to mention this one in my previous post:

    North Texas Academy (they have a shortened program for an older teen)

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