Online Doctorate in Mass Communication at an accredited institution

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    Hafa adai (hello),

    I am slated to graduate with my second degree in Education in May of next year. I am currently looking for an online college where I can receive my Doctorate in Mass Communication from an accredited college. Can someone lead to me to a college that does that?

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    Southern California
    Regent University

    I don't know if they have a mass communication specialization, but Regent University (Regent University - A Leading Global Christian University), a regionally-accredited sectarian institution in Virgina, offers a distance-learning doctorate in Communication (Regent University - School of Communication & the Arts - Online Learning). The program, like most of its other distance-learning doctorates, was hybrid (online + multiples residencies) when I checked it out a few years ago, but things may have changed a bit now (I've heard that at least for their business/leadership doctorates, the residencies may be done online now).

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