Online/Distance Law Degree in Employment Law? (I don't want to take the Bar Exam)

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by shandon_lee, Mar 13, 2005.

  1. shandon_lee

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    I'm interested in learning about Employment Law. I don't want to become a lawyer, but want to specialize in it. I'm making a transition from teaching to Human Resource Management and am interested in this field. Either as an in-house (non-lawyer) expert or to teach this subject in the HR area.

    Can someone point me in the right direction on this? What are my options on distance Law Schools? Thanks!
  2. edowave

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    If it is only getting into HR you are interested in, then a law degree might be overkill. In law school you need to study employment law in addition to contract law and everything else a lawyer goes through. To work in HR, you would probably be better off studying for your PHR certification, or take the HR certificate program online at Cornell.

    If you do go the law school route, you might as well take the bar if you are going through the trouble anyway. Two of the most talked about DL law schools are Taft and Northwestern California.
  3. nosborne48

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    I think edowave is making a good point. Indeed, most J.D. grads have never taken a single class in labor or employment law.

    The field is arcane, too. Our "Catbert" knows more about it than I do!
  4. skywire

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    I just started the E-Cornell Cert program in HR Management. It's alot of work! :eek: I'm starting the Business and HR MS in September at Amberton with the Cert in Project Management.

    I'm not sure how much will transfer from e-Cornell, but I think it's a good combo to make a career transition from teaching. My question is, can you specialize in Employment Law and not be a lawyer or paralegal? There's probably a huge labrynth of laws involved there to keep lawyers employed!:confused:
  5. Columbia Southern University has a Program in

    1- Certified Human Resource Manager

    2- Certified Employment Law Specialist
  6. tmartca

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    My question is, can you specialize in Employment Law and not be a lawyer or paralegal?

    Sure, you can be an HR consultant that specializes in HR law compliance. I know a woman who was an HR manager for a little over 8 years before starting out as an HR consultant. Essentially she consults for small and medium sized businesses that may not be up-to-date with current state and federal HR laws. She has made a pretty good career out of it.
  7. tmartca

    tmartca New Member

    BTW, she has an MBA but no Paralegal, Legal Studies or JD degree.

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