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    So I recently got out of the navy, I was a nuclear electrician and right now im considering transferring to Thomas Edison for my bachelor's. im afraid though that getting a degree there will kill my chances at getting into grad school, does anyone have any experience with this or have any information that can help?

    note I have tried to find the information myself, but I keep getting the same vague answer that each application is "unique." I would just like to know before I get over committed thanks
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    Kill your chances? Nonsense. I completed my Bachelor's degree through Charter Oak State University, which is extremely similar to TESC, and I was accepted to George Washington University for my Master's, and a number of doctoral programs after that. Here's Charter Oak's list of graduate acceptances. I expect that TESC students have had similar results.

    By the way, you can get credit for your military training, and nuclear technicians can get more than anyone else, in some cases up to 70 credits!
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    I also graduated from Charter Oak an was accepted to the University of California and the University of Florida graduate programs.
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    I have no super high ranking grad schools to brag about, but I was accepted to two graduate programs at traditional schools. I completed my master's at Angelo State University, and I'm currently working on my PhD at Texas State University. My BA is from TESC. Someone was accepted to Texas A&M with a degree from Excelsior College (extremely similar to TESC). Another person was accepted to Indian University - Bloomington with a TESC degree. What matters most is regional accreditation (I know some people have gotten into RA grad programs with DETC degrees), GPA, scores on a graduate admissions exam such as the GRE, letters of recommendation, and your letter of intent/personal statement.
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    Getting a graduation or post graduation degree online will now become easy as the technology made it so simple.

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