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  1. Susitna

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    I have currently have 32 credits on my transcript & will be finishing <30 more as online classes through Liberty. Three of those were from an Institutional Challenge Examination, and I have 27 more credits which I can obtain the same way (Liberty ICE). To finish I'm left needing 39 credits. I'd like to get these fast, cheap, & easy (isn't that the way it always is?) but I will take them any way I can get them! (So cheap matters most.)

    CLEP is my first obvious choice, and I plan on doing that for most, but the Institutional Challenge Exams through Liberty are so great that I was hoping to find more like that. (I have some issues which make scheduling and transportation real obstacles so online testing at my own pace has been incredibly beneficial!) I've read through a slew of posts here and surfed diligently last night, and I vaguely remember seeing a college (university? community college?) that had some institutional challenge exams that they offered and I believe they were similar to Liberty, so I think they're out there.

    I don't mind a lower cost (community college?) self-paced online course either.

    Does anyone have any idea where I should look next? Thanks!
  2. Susitna

    Susitna New Member


    I'm looking for ONLINE EXAMS (like Liberty ICE) or SELF-PACED ONLINE COURSES.

    There are just so many schools out there now, that I thought anyone with experience or knowledge of either could share the info.

  3. Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson Active Member

    Are you looking for upper division courses/exams?
    If so your choices become more limited.

    Let us know what courses/exams and what division you need and perhaps members can give you some ideas.
  4. zefrench

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    Does your university take ACE credits ? If so there are quite a few options
  5. Maniac Craniac

    Maniac Craniac Moderator Staff Member

  6. Susitna

    Susitna New Member

    I need the second part of my English requirement: Composition & Literature. I was hoping to CLEP my Engl reqs, but Liberty only accepts 3 Cleps for English. They give 3 credits for ENGL COMP W/ ESSAY and list it as ENGL 101 (which they've given me credit for already as a transfer). They also award 3 credits each for English Lit and American Lit, and I'm trying to make it work, but it's not looking like I can get credit for COMP & Lit, with only a Lit Clep.

    I'm also trying to satisfy the Communication Elective Requirement. Liberty allows a lower level Speech Communications class for 3 credits or UPPER level coursework for Business Communication, Modern Grammar, or Advanced Expository Writing, also 3 credits.

    I'll try to CLEP the History requirement, unless someone knows of a better way.

    The rest of the credits I need (30 or so) are straight electives, with no concern about specific subjects or level, only that they transfer, so perhaps RA is best.

    I found University of Alaska has some distance classes that are self-paced. (I thought that the prices were approx $250/credit, but tonight I saw $500+, so I am unsure.) I looked at Ivy Tech and they aren't expensive at all, and they offer some online classes, so that may work, though I don't think they are self-paced. My preference is to challenge the class & test out, but I'll be as flexible as I have to be! :) Where else should I be looking?
  7. Susitna

    Susitna New Member

    Thanks for the link, I'll check it out. And no, I don't think they take ACE, but I'm sure going to ask now! :)
  8. Susitna

    Susitna New Member

    Bigger reply is waiting approval - not ignoring the question. Sorry!
  9. Susitna

    Susitna New Member

    Well, my other reply never came through... Sorry about that.

    I am looking specifically for an English Lit & Comp class - (second semester of "freshman English") and something to satisfy a Speech (Communications) requirement. The rest of the credits can be upper or lower division courses.

    The link to the Independent Study Courses thread really helped and I started searching further. I've found these for self-paced classes:
    Vincennes - Vincennes University
    LSU $262 -
    University of Alaska distance learning
    University of Arkansas - $318 Independent Study Online Courses
    University of Idaho $325 Independent Study in Idaho
    University of Nevada - Reno $444 open enrollment, online
    University of Nebraska - Lincoln $636 UNL | Undergraduate Online | Programs | Open Enrollment

    I'm still hoping to find some more schools that offer online institutional exams!!!

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