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    I am looking for a school that offers an online Calculus and maybe a Calculus II class. I am thinking about enrolling in the Econ program through the University of Illinois and I want to try to get a strong math background. I am currently enrolled at Southern New Hampshire University and I am trying to finish up my associates in business admin. I am enrolled in finite math for next term and will probably take stats next. SNHU does not offer anything above finite math though. Since I am taking finite math I figured the term after would be a good time to take calculus since everything will be fresh. Any good schools? Thanks for all your help.

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    This is a relatively new company that I think has a really interesting concept. You can take one of their courses for $399 each and then, upon completion of the course, either Fort Hayes State University, Grand Canyon University, Jones International University or Potomac College will award college credit for it. Apparently, the schools win in this deal by using this as a tool to recruit new students to their programs.

    The calculus course will be offered through straighterline starting later this fall:
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    If you are looking to take a calculus sequence then you'll need to make sure you have college algebra and trigonometry before you start the calculus sequence. When I was doing my undergraduate work in math, that was prerequisite. However, some schools have an applied calculus or business calculus that you can take without having the trigonometry work.


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    Are you open to independent study options? If so, you could try using They have a TON of courses, including calculus.
    (click on the higher education tab)

    It's $20 per month, and you have to obtain a very high level of mastery to move forward. You can start at the pre-calc or calc. There is a placement quiz that sets you up with a pie chart. As you master a competency, you fill in part of your pie chart. You set the speed. The program is very very cool, we are using it for my oldest son this year for algebra. The class through ALEKS is not for credit, however, you can use the CLEP Calculus exam when you finish the ALEKS course to earn college credit.

    Also, there are several ALEKS courses which are ACE evaluated, but I don't know if that would be as straight forward as simply taking the CLEP exam- also ALEKS is known for having a long mastery process, expect 30+ hours. This isn't a quick credit route.
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    This thread has my trials and tribulations in finding inexpensive Calculus...

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    SWEEET FIND! Just what I needed!!!! ..and for $399, cheaper than FHSU's College Algebra! I'll be enrolling in the spring! :)

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