Online bus comm course that's cheaper than SMC's $46/hr?

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    Hello! A co-worker of mine wants to take an online, undergraduate business communication course and has found Santa Monica College's offering. He wants to know if there's a cheaper version around. I know of only the offerings from LA's various community colleges, but I think the rate is the same as SMC's. Does anyone know of any regionally accredited college that offers the course at a cheaper rate? Thanks!
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    $46/credit is pretty cheap! There is one other school I know of that may work, Luna Community College in New Mexico. The cost is $36/credit as long as you don't take more than 6 credits a semester if you're not a resident:

    Tuition & Payment of Fees

    Here's the course at Luna which seems to be what you're looking for:

    Does your friend's school accept ACE or NCCRS approved courses? If so, here are a couple of other ideas:

    Saylor BUS210 Corporate Communications (only $25 for proctored final exam)

    Straighterline Business Communications ($99/month subscription + $49/course)
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    Thanks much! These are excellent options!

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