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    I want to start a degree in behavioral science. My ultimate goal is a bachelors in behavioral science and possibly more down the road. I need to do all of this online. I am a Florida resident and have already applied and received government financial aid.
    I saw that I might be easier to get my associates first then go to a university, possibly even cheaper but I can't figure out which one is best and will actually look good when I graduate. I would prefer a regionally accredited school.
    Can anyone help with this, advice? Which school would you suggest? Should I go for associates then bachelors to open more options for schooling? Anything to stay away from? Anyone have this degree online? HELP please!
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    I am also a graduate of the Bellevue Behavioral Science program. It was fairly new when I attended, and a lot has changed/improved since then. The current curriculum is very relevant if you intend to further your education with a masters in counseling, social work, etc... and also provides a good knowledge base for batchelor's level work. One other change seems to be an increased focus on APA writing, which I think is a great thing.

    As far as other online "behavioral science" programs, there are some pretty good online psychology and BSW programs out there as well.

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