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Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by DrFoo, Jul 22, 2008.

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    I'm looking to take on more online teaching contracts along with my F/T job in the public schools. I currently teach online at Grand Canyon University and really like it. Love the Angel Learning Platform they use. It's my dream some day to shift and just do online teaching, giving me the opportunity to travel around with my laptop in tow (like a few people I know). A career change of sorts.

    A friend pointed out that Northcentral University had some online openings (it seems). Here's the announcement I'm throwing my application in:


    Northcentral University is seeking Adjunct/Part-time Faculty/Mentors for all three Schools. Northcentral University, an HLC-NCA accredited university is looking for high quality professionals with doctoral degrees from regionally accredited universities to serve in the faculty/mentor roster of the Schools of Business and Information Technology, Education and Psychology. As a component of the Academic Strategic Direction, the university seeks faculty/mentors in three categories - Teaching Faculty/Mentors, Research Faculty/Mentors and Dissertation Faculty/Mentors for the following specializations.

    Sports Management – qualifications include: Terminal degree and 1-2 years teaching experience in this area. Scholarly publication in this area is a plus.
    Finance – qualifications include: Terminal degree and 1-2 years teaching experience in Financial Management. Scholarly publication in this area is a plus.

    E-commerce, E-business, or Internet Marketing/Management – qualifications include: Terminal degree and 1-2 years teaching experience in E-Commerce, online marketing. Scholarly publication in this area is a plus.

    Research/Dissertation Chairs/Committee Members – qualifications include: scholarly publication in peer-reviewed journals or scholarly books from peer-reviewed referred trade journals. Previous experience as Chairperson of Student Dissertations or at least have served on three committees of doctoral learners.

    Syllabi Content Experts – Specializations include: Research/Dissertation, Sports Management, E-commerce and Finance

    These are virtual/remote positions and do not require relocating to the Prescott Valley, AZ campus.

    Click here to apply at and attach your Curriculum Vitae, a statement of your teaching, research or dissertation development philosophy and a letter of interest.

    I guess there are several spots I could qualify for, who knows. However, during the online application process, I came across a question that made me pause: I was asked what salary I expected.

    So, what's a reasonable salary to expect as an online Teaching, Research, or Dissertation Faculty/Mentor? I have no idea what the market rate is for an experienced PhD-level applicant like myself (experience in special education and school psychology). I already work full-time in the public school system, am I to assume that I should just divide my current salary in half and go with that? Is it some sort of trick question? I've tried researching for online teaching salaries (standard rate and/or for PhD-level applicants), but the data are elusive.

    One more thing: Does anyone know about Northcentral University?

    Given my training/experience, I'm not sure where else to apply to keep the dream alive.

    Thanks for any assistance/help you can provide me.
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    Few good ones are Walden and Devry University. Salaries are fixed and there is not much room for negotiation. Rates are about 2K and 3K per course taught based on the number of credits. Some other schools pay less but I would try first these two that are good to work for.
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    Thanks for responding so quickly to my post.

    I checked out DeVry but they didn't have anything in my training/experience area (unless that doesn't matter to them LOL!)

    Walden looked more promising and I'll follow up on it in the morning.

    Thanks, again!

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    Just for a range, two recent schools I talked to paid:

    2,200 - 2,300 for an undergrad course, 10 weeks
    2,600 - 2,700 for a grad course, 10 weeks.

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