One Credit Liberal Arts Graduate Credit

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  1. Hille

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    Hi, Currently looking for a one credit Liberal Arts Grad. Credit. Suggestions appreciated. Hille
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    Are you one credit short of a degree or certificate?
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  5. Hille

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    Hi, Trying to help daughter keep her Fort Hays transcript alive while she secures funding to continue. Looks like the cheapest is around 200. I have not checked the ACE site to see if anything is less. Thanks for your kind suggestions. Hille
  6. mknehr

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    Perhaps this one..

    IDS 801 Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies (1 credit hour)
    An orientation to the MLS as an opportunity to enhance the critical thinking, analytical and writing skills valued in today's world and workplace. The purpose of the course is to help the student become acquainted with the concept of interdisciplinary liberal education and understand its potential in fostering intellectual growth, personal satisfaction, and the ability to enhance employability in a world where knowledge has become the key resource.
    View a generic syllabus for IDS 801. (specific course material and assignments subject to change).

    will cost you $279.

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