??on Dantes principles of statistics and Aleks introduction to statistics?????

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  1. magoals

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    HI guys I need to get my requirement done for my stastistics class that I need, and I want to know if anyone has prepared for the Dantes exams principles of stastistics using Aleks or has turned the Aleks as credit as well,
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    Hi, I used ALEKS to fill my Stats requirement through ACE. It worked out well. I don't like doing math under a clock, so ALEKS was great vs. DSST.

    I used ALEKS, Idiot's guide to Statistics, and the Against All Odds videos. What I might do differently if I had it to do over again, is use a real textbook to help with some of the concepts, because as you know ALEKS is all about the problems. I am taking a second Stats course and the book I am using now would have been fantastic when I was doing ALEKS.

  3. magoals

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    thanks for info

    really I am thankful for your reply I feel better knowing that someone has done it, Can I get the name of your text book? I also bought the idiots guide and the dsst book of stastisic and the AP as well so the more books the happier I am, because as you mentioned Aleks is all about the problems and some of their explanations are really good and others are not as specific as I want them to be, the fact that I can take my time is what I really like as well either way I need to get this requirement covered.
  4. MISin08

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    This is my book, but I'll bet there are other good ones.

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