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    Okay, I really would like to do some more studying and possibility of obtaining some sort of certificate but tuition free cause I do not want to take out any more students loans plus I am on Social Security Disability as well. Thus that being the fact, my loan are being discharged for medical reasons.

    I am personally just doing this to keep myself busy, and to keep my brain challenged.

    I have a Bachelor of Arts with a Double Major in Music and History from one of State Schools here in New York,

    I have a Masters of Arts In Education from AIU online,

    I just would like something I do to without spending any more money, but with the possibility of growing my knowledge, and if I am able to I can apply what I learn to a job situation when I am able to go back to work.

    Here are my Interests

    Educational Research
    Anything to do with Arts as well.

    I have looked online for a certificates in music to continue my musical persuits, all I find is Berkley School of Music, I am not to thrilled in spending any more money. I just want to learn and grow, and maybe pick up a Certificate or Masters cheaply or tuition free with out killing myself any more.

    So if you can help it would be appreciated.

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    It depends on what sort of accreditation you are expecting. If you are just doing it for your own personal knowledge and don't care if it is RA or NA, then Nations Univ. is a good choice. We have discussed in these forums quite often.
    The last thing I remember seeing was that it costs about $250 per year for US students. You can get everything from undergrad to Masters degrees with them.
    They are pursuing NA, but as of now are non-accredited. But I doubt you find much that is cheaper.

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