Ok I have asked for my wife now for me!

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    I have asked questions for my wife, now I would like to ask one question for myself. If I may...

    I THOUGHT I had a school picked out for my Bachelors, but now that decision is in question.

    The AA is all but done, (Health Science) I graduate this May, yay!
    Now I am looking for a RA B&M school (like the wife) that has a DL program that confers a BA or BS with a major. I would like to stay away from the BSG "concentration" path. <--Just a personal preference

    I would like a school that awards the MOST credit for military education. Coastline Community College was OUTSTANDING for awarding ME credit (40sh max).
    But now it's time to move on to the next level!

    Fields of study: Psychology, Emergency Health Management, Emergency Management, Public Health or something close to those.. I just want to enjoy what I am studying.

    I have spoken to GWU (George Washington University) and I am a go for that military program. The Emergency Health Management BS. The only issue is the total ME credit they award is not what I had hoped. But, GWU IS a great name and school....

    Military jobs: Military Police, Combat MEDIC, Recruiter.

    After looking at most of your postings and signatures here, I feel quite SMALL with my little Associates of Arts degree. < grin>

    Any ideas?
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    I hear that Upper Iowa and Mountain State are both very military friendly. I had a good experience with K-State's handling of my military credits. My brother enrolled at Adams State and was awarded a decent amount of credit for his military training.

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  4. Ted Heiks

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  5. Ted Heiks

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    According to _Peterson's Guide to Distance Learning Programs_, Jacksonville State University www.jsu.edu offers the BS in Emergency Management with minor in Public Safety Communications (PGDLP, 121).
  6. Ted Heiks

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    The following bachelor's programs in public health are listed in BG15:

    American Military University www.apus.edu (BG15, 97)
    Charles Sturt University www.csu.edu.au (BG15, 104)
    Empire State College www.esc.edu/cdl (BG15, 110)
    Indiana State University www.indstate.edu/distance (BG15, 115)
    Murdoch University http://wwwonline.murdoch.edu.au (BG15, 123)
    Northern Arizona University www.nau.edu (BG15, 125)
    University of South Africa www.unisa.ac.za (BG15, 144)
    Weber State University www.weber.edu (BG15, 184)

    _Barron's Guide to Distance Learning_ also adds:

    Inter-American University of Puerto Rico http://bc.inter.edu (BGDL, 268)
  7. Ted Heiks

    Ted Heiks Moderator and Distinguished Senior Member


    Acadia University http://conted.acadiau.ca/distance/index.html (BG15, 153)
    American Military University www.apus.edu (BG15, 97)
    Antioch University www.antioch.edu (BG15, 155)
    Athabasca University www.athabascau.ca (BG15, 98)
    Bemidji State University www.bemidjistate.edu (BG15, 99)
    Bethany College of the Assemblies of God www.bethany.edu (PGDLP, 37)
    Burlington College www.burlcol.edu (BG15, 156)
    Caldwell College www.caldwell.edu (BG15, 156)
    Charles Sturt University www.csu.edu.au (BG15, 104)
    Charter Oak State College www.cosc.edu (BG15, 104)
    University of Cincinnati www.uc.edu (BGDL, 484)
    City University www.cityu.edu (BG15, 104)
    Columbia Union College www.cuc.edu (BG15, 106)
    Endicott College www.endicott.edu (MAHGYDO, 179)
    Excelsior College, fka Regents College of the University of the State of New York www.excelsior.edu (MTCFCD, 171)
    Goddard College www.goddard.edu (BGDL, 241)
    University of Great Falls www.ugf.edu (PGDLP, 245)
    University of Houston www.uh.edu (BG15, 137)
    Johnson State College www.jsc.vsc.edu (MTCFCD, 125)
    Judson College www.judson.edu (BG15, 117)
    Kentucky Commonwealth Virtual University www.kcvu.org (BG15, 118)
    Laurentian University http://laurentian.ca/cce/index.html (BG15, 119)
    Liberty University www.liberty.edu (BG15, 162)
    Limestone College www.limestonevirtualcampus.net (PGDLP, 134)
    University of Maine Machias www.umm.maine.edu/BEX (MAHGYDO, 343)
    Mary Baldwin College www.mbc.edu/adp (BG15, 162)
    University of Maryland University College www.umuc.edu (BG15, 140)
    Mercy College www.mercy.edu/merlin/index.html (BG15, 121)
    Monash University www.monash.edu.au (BG15, 122)
    Mount Allison University www.mta.ca (PGDLP, 156)
    University of New England www.une.edu.au (BG15, 141)
    New York Institute of Technology www.nyit.edu (BG15, 125)
    Northcentral University www.ncu.edu (PGDLP, 166)
    Northern Arizona University www.nau.edu (PGDLP, 168)
    Open University (England) www.open.ac.uk (BG15, 126)
    Open University (Netherlands) www.ouh.nl (BG15, 166)
    Park College www.park.edu (BG15, 167)
    Prescott College www.prescott.edu (BG15, 167)
    Queens University www.queensu.ca (BG15, 128)
    Saint Joseph's College www.sjcme.edu (BG15, 170)
    Saint Mary of the Woods College www.smwc.edu (BG15, 170)
    College of Saint Scholastica www.css.edu (MAHGYDO, 145)
    University of Saskatchewan www.usask.ca (BG15, 144)
    Simon Fraser University www.sfu.ca (BG15, 130)
    Skidmore College www.skidmore.edu (MTCFCD, 183)
    University of South Africa www.unisa.ac.za (BG15, 144)
    Southern New Hampshire University www.snhu.edu (BG15, 130)
    Southwestern Adventist University www.swau.edu (BG15, 173)
    Southwestern Assemblies of God University www.sagu.edu (BG15, 173)
    Stephens College www.stephens.edu (BG15, 174)
    Thomas Edison State College www.tesc.edu (BG15, 133)
    Thompson Rivers University, fka Open University and Open College www.ola.bc.ca (BG15, 126)
    Troy University www.tsum.edu (MTCFCD, 203)
    Union Institute and University www.tui.edu (BG15, 175)
    University of Waterloo www.uwaterloo.ca (BG15, 148)
    University of Wyoming http://outreach.uwyo.edu (PGDLP, 277)
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    This school is DOA, although I look at it several yeras ago.

    American College of Prehospital Medicine www.acpm.edu (BG15, 96)

    Thanks for the Mass of info Ted!

    anthonym, I will check out UIU and Mountain! Deciding on the "PERFECT' school is not as easy as I thought :<

    I want to get the most from my Bachelors degree.

    Cake and eat it too, we'll see...?
  9. anthonym

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    You can have them both! Good luck!
  10. recruiting

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    Now that's what i'm talkin bout! :p

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